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November 2014 archive

The Magic of Daily Mantras

magic2Here’s how making my own daily mantra creates magic in my life:

  • I imagine what I am going through. Right now, right this moment. Everything that may be giving me hell, everything that I am struggling with, inside or outside.
  • Then I imagine things shifting, unfolding, resolving, evolving, getting better, getting better than better.
  • Even if I don’t yet know HOW to get there, even if I am unsure of a million different things and have another million doubts, I imagine anyway.
  • Then I put this in words. Only positive words, only in the present tense, only in the first person.
  • Then magic starts to happen.

I create and post daily mantras to A Drop of Om Facebook Page since October 18th, 2014. After my daughter sleeps, with my laptop on my lap, I take a few moments to formulate a new mantra using the inner process I described above, I then schedule the Facebook post for the next day. As of today, I have posted 40 mantras and will continue to do so everyday for as long as I can.

After posting the mantra I keep coming back to it during my day and find that the mantra may shift how I am experiencing my present moment. If the day’s mantra is something like ‘I hug my vulnerabilities’ (Tweet that), I find that I am gentler towards myself. If it is ‘I accept this moment’ (Tweet that) there is a new quality and grace in how I may go through the not-so-glamorous parts of my day.

What I am also finding lately is that my next day usually unfolds so close to my mantra that it is sometimes mind blowing! I decided to give this a test and started posting more and more (what I think is) outrageous mantras. For instance the other day I posted ‘I am open to new and strong guidance from the universe’ (Tweet that). The very next morning, I woke up remembering one of the most vivid dreams I have had lately and had to run to my notebook to take notes about a new project. Or take today, my daily mantra was ‘blessed and thankful’ (Tweet that), I cannot begin to describe the day I have had today, so full of love, laughter, joy and wholeness.

It is as if there is a door that opens with the simple intention of positivity, love, and being open to outrageous possibilities. My goal is to make these mantras even more daring in the coming days. It is time to shoot for the stars 🙂

If you would like to join me on this ride, come on over to A Drop of Om Facebook Page and become a fan. I am using the hashtag #makeyourownmantra for all the mantras I post, so you can find them easily on Facebook or Twitter .

If you are already following me, please share the love and spread the word about these positive mantras by sharing the daily mantras and inviting your friends to follow them. I strongly believe that mantras can and will change your day, your life. Give that gift to yourself and your loved ones today. Here are two ways to do that:

  • Facebook post: ‘I have been following positive mantras by Damla Aktekin and I love them! Check her daily mantras at @A Drop of Om and‘ (Copy, edit, and post)
  • Twitter post: ‘I love Damla’s positive daily mantras. Check them out! #makeyourownmantra @adropofom’ (Tweet that)

If you want to learn how to make your own mantras, sign up to A Drop of Om’s email list by clicking here and then download your free Make Your Own Mantra Cheat Sheet as my gift to you.

I invite you to start making your own daily mantras and share them with the hashtag #makeyourownmantra, and @adropofom, or to refer people back to this site. Or better yet, post them in comments on this site or on Facebook. Let me know how YOUR DAY is unfolding with each mantra.

With love and light,


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