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108 Thank You’s

108 Thank You's

Let’s face it. Life is not easy. This physical reality -occasionally- sucks. There are moments that you may not want to be in. Ones that you rather change, push away, and some that you’d rather forget. As adults who are seeking balance (not even enlightenment, just some balance!), the challenge is making friends with your reality: the body, the job, the self-care, child-care, parent-care, pet-care, home-care situation that you find yourself in RIGHT NOW.

I will teach you a tool that I often use when I want to change my relationship with my reality: 108 Thank You’s. It is a powerful, quick, and magical way to appreciate all the choices that brought you here without judgement, force, or effort.

  • All you need is you, your mala (yogic rosary with 108 beads) and a quiet place that you can be alone. If you don’t have a mala, just set your timer to 10 minutes. You will most likely do about 100 repetitions within that time.
  • You will count the beads and name something or someone you are thankful for with each count. Here is the key: the more you can name your shadows and send them gratitude, the better.
  • It is usually easier to start with things that you love: a thing, a person, a place, an event, an emotion, a body part, a loved one who passed away, etc.
  • Then move onto your shadows: the body parts that are achy, the relationships that are sticky, your tricky finances and job, the dishes that are calling your name, the toddler who cried all day, the anger, sadness, fear that lives in you, all of your seeming mistakes, all of your imperfections.
  • If you can, go way back and way out. Send thanks to your Kindergarten teacher, in fact send thanks to all your teachers, lovers, friends, and family. Honor them as your personally chosen and attracted gurus. Thank your invisible helpers too! You know, your angels, guides, ancestors (hello, they live in your DNA!), and all beings of goodness and light that are always with you.
  • Let your imagination run freely. Follow your inner voice and let the things, events, people, etc. come up naturally into your heart and mind.

Another way to do this is just holding a mental intention to greet anything and everything you see during your day with gratitude. I recently went to a mini-vacation with my husband and daughter that I really enjoyed. I felt recharged and super refreshed on our way back home. As soon as I stepped into our house though, I noticed how I was reacting to the things I saw: the laundry was calling my name, dustballs saying hi, my to do list on the messy countertop, etc. etc. With each step, I was leaving behind the tranquility that I had just cultivated. More importantly, I realized that how much I was programmed to ‘fix things’ and only focus on the negative. Which didn’t make sense. I live in a beautiful home in a lovely neighborhood, I am in a beautiful loving relationship, and have a daughter whom I adore. Without thinking about it, I made a quick decision to shift my energy. I started thanking every little thing that bothered me. From small to big, I thanked everything on my path silently, ending with the meditation I just taught you above after everyone went to bed but me. I fell into a deep and soulful meditation, and dove right into a restful sleep. More importantly, I continued to have a great day, creating my personal oasis right in the midst of my messy, corky, not-always-perfect home.

Let me know how you feel after you give this a go. If you feel lighter and brighter, consider practicing it for 40 days or until you feel a shift in your attitude.

Our minds are amazing things. With some dedication and a leap of faith, I know that you will have a door into the peace and tranquility in you, whenever and wherever you need it.

With love and light,


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