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December 2015 archive

Celebrating The Good

Celebrating the Good_123015

In what seems like the blink of an eye, another year is about to end. It is so easy to look at what still needs to be done, bought, resolved, overcome, and accomplished.

Instead, I invite you to celebrate all that is, that is already good and in your favor:

  • The joy, love, and bliss you already created in your life
  • The steps you have taken in 2015 for your well-being
  • The gifts you have given yourself and others, from a simple smile to giving a hand to or calling your loved ones
  • The lessons you learned from your challenging moments
  • The connections you made with ALL the people you met (even those who were difficult to be with, and those who passed away and gifted you with their love)
  • The presence of your breath that is always there to connect you with your truth

Let 2016 begin with acknowledging and celebrating how far you have come in your life, what an amazing home, workspace, garden you already created, how awesome your friends and family are (in their own way), and how much grace, love, joy, and bliss already exists in your life.

Have a blissful 2016 and make sure to check out my New Year’s gift for you at this link to add more peace into your life!

With love and light,


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