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November 2017 archive

Reset and Renew

In the busyness of our lives, taking time to reset our nervous systems and renew our calmness reserves is becoming even more important. This doesn’t have to mean taking a long vacation. It may be taking 10 minutes out of your day for a sacred pause, or taking an afternoon off to spend doing what you love, or perhaps you can take a day off to just be and not do anything (like attending the daylong Chakra Bliss Soul Retreat, read more here).

These moments of non-doing matter. It matters to hold the intention to care for the life that you have. How else can you care for others if you aren’t willing to be gentle with yourself? How else can you be gentle without taking the load of ‘doing’ off your shoulders every once in a while?

Most of us are looking for clarity. Clarify for our life purpose, clarity for our relationships, clarity for next steps. Clarity doesn’t come in a moment of busyness and overdoing. Think of your past clarifying realizations, what were you doing when they arrived? Or were you simply being in a state of open presence so that creativity and new ideas, solutions, realizations could find a way into your system?

In the time that you carve out for reset and renewal, make sure to follow the thread of joy. What would be effortlessly joyful for you? Where or when do you feel most happy? What can you let go of thinking about or doing -just for a moment – to experience more joy?

In this -almost- holiday season, I wish you a huge dose of non-doing and joyful being.

With love and light,


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