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Learn my number one tip for accessing and connecting with your intuition

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Module #1

My number one intuition tip

Module #2

Your Intuition Explained

Module #3

Your Intuition Tools

Module #4

Your Intuition Action Plan

This course is for you if...

    • You have no idea how to connect with your intuition
    • You know that you have intuition but you can't always access it for the answers you need
    • You have a strong connection to your intuition and you are looking for new ways to access it for the big and small decisions in your life

What You'll Discover in this 4-Part Course:

  • Discover your unique intuition style
    The way intuition works is different for everyone. You will discover your own unique style.
  • Learn three tools to access your intuition immediately
    You will learn three powerful tools that will allow you to tap into your intuition immediately.
  • Learn how to look for signs from the universe
    Universe is always offering you guidance and messages. You will discover how to notice and decipher these signs.
  • Start a relationship with your inner knowing to build confidence and trust
    You will begin to connect with your inner knowing to build confidence and trust. 

Some of the practical ways you can use what you learn:

Selecting the right crystals and stones for you to use for chakra healing

Deciding which mantra to follow

Confirming your gut instincts with guidance​ from the universe and using your intuition tools

Making better everyday life decisions

Who am I?

I am Damla Aktekin. I am a healer. I help people with energetic wounds to reclaim their light and replace their burdens with joy, love and bliss.

Through my own healing journey, I discovered that I am clairaudient and clairvoyant, which means that I receive clear guidance in the form of hearing and seeing when I ask. 

I am the creator of the Chakra Bliss Healing method. I have been offering private and group, in-person and distance chakra readings and healings to my clients worldwide. 

You can find out more about me and my journey at adropofom.com.​

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