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What A Gift

It is the end of the year and I am contemplating a gift for you. My gift for you is this one phrase that saved my life this year over and over again.

It is so simple “what a gift it is….” and then you fill the blanks. Think of the worst thing, conversation, person, accident, global or personal event that happened to you this year, and then describe it, followed by what you think or feel is the gift hidden in this circumstance. Here are some of mine:

  • What a gift it is that I’ve had moments of exhaustion reminding me to take better care of myself.
  • What a gift it is that I did not realize all my business and personal goals this year and learned to meet myself and all that came out to the surface with love, and chose to still trust life.
  • What a gift it is that I have had moments that I needed encouragement and love. I’ve found the courage to seek them within, and to get help where I fall short.
  • What a gift it is that we live in times filled with fear and uncertainty, giving us the opportunity to choose love in our every word, thought, and action, at every moment.

I invite you to take a moment to count your gifts. Settle in your favorite chair, grab yourself your favorite winter tea/drink and start counting the gifts hidden in your troubles. You might be surprised at what comes out.

Happy holidays and a happy (almost) new year,

With love and light,


What Your Chakras Are Telling Me


I don’t even need to see you. I think of you and your chakra states appear in my mind: 

  • 1, 2, 3 blocked (not moving at all) and the rest depleted (slow moving)
  • all blocked
  • beyond blocked (a really constricted energy field)
  • all open (healthy rotating chakras)
  • beyond open (expanded field)
  • 1, 2, 3 depleted, rest are open

Your chakras are rotating vortices that turn, turn, turn. The word chakra means a turning wheel. They rotate to create vacuum at the center which then sucks in the life energy around you into your system, which is then distributed throughout your body and field. They also create mini-magnetic fields which add up to your personal energy area/field. There are many many many chakras in your body. When I say 1, 2, 3 and the rest, I am talking about the seven main chakras, which have the largest vortices in your field. Without going into more detail, let’s just say that 1, 2, 3 are located below your diaphragm, and the rest are between your heart (4) and crown (7). In general 1, 2, 3 deal with worldly survival concerns, and heart and above deals with spiritual and personal development concerns. 

When I read people’s chakras, I see where they are in life. 

1, 2, 3 blocked rest depleted tells me that this person is on purpose choosing not to see something that they need to see and address to heal. This is the mom who pushes through to get things done, not taking a moment to reflect on her life because she feels overwhelmed and powerless. This is the grandma who accepted life and her involvement in it to be a certain way and is not willing to change even if change would open her up to new possibilities (which is scary). This is the dad who pushes through his career not out of joy but from a place of obligation.

Then there is all blocked. It tells me that you have been continuing on without taking a break to the point of physical and emotional exhaustion. You have been feeling mostly uncomfortable with a feeling of weight, solutions and life don’t come easily, you feel like you are in a fog. That ongoing cold will take you there. But it is more than that. You feel stuck in the cycles and patterns of your life and you are not sure what to change or how. Mostly, you get here when you don’t listen in to the signals of your body and the universe, and don’t address why you got into a constricted energy position in the first place. 

Beyond blocked tells me that you had a major trauma in your past or you are going through a major change or shift in your life (loss, divorce, surgery, etc). This is a state of extreme stuckness and numbness in the body. Illness can present itself or it already is present. Unable to deal with inner and outer darkness and shadow. Prone to blaming others. Not able to properly take care of oneself.

All open. All is good in your world. You are where you need to be to fulfill your life purpose. You are in the moment. You enjoy life. This tells me that this person knows who they are in life and they are ok with it. They’ve made peace with what is. Most Chakra Bliss Group Healing participants experience this state during and after the healing. Believe it or not, you don’t need alcohol, pills, food, or money to get to this state. Take a look at your playing children, they mostly exist in this state of openness and presence.

Beyond open. Most healers, shamans, lightworkers and artists exist here. This is the state of expanding your energy field to create healing space for others. All who are called to heal humanity with the way they are and with what they say, think, do and create, know how to get to this expanded place. 

1, 2, 3 depleted rest are open. This is one of my favorite states. These are usually the people who know how to regulate and reclaim their energy. Most of the time, they are all open. But when the earthly concerns weigh them down (safety, money, relationships, politics, etc), they pause and bring themselves to a more open place by focusing on the now, focusing on their breath. These are the people who know how to heal their energy states and if they choose to, they become great teachers and healers for others. My main goal in my consults, workshops and trainings is to give people this capability to be with whatever life presents at any given moment. Your field then takes care of its own healing.

Remember that this is a generalized outlook. Of course there a lot of other chakra reading possibilities, and the same chakra states may mean different things for different people depending on where/how the energetic disturbance originated and where they are in their life journey.

However in general, energy disturbances have two simple origins:

  • You are stuck in an energy pattern (they way you see, relate to and interact with your reality)
  • You are sending away your energy to where it doesn’t need to go

These two have two really simple looking resolutions:

  • Using your intuition to figure out where you are stuck (and how to get out of it)
  • Training yourself to reclaim your energy in the NOW

If you are wondering where you are energetically right now, come to a Chakra Bliss Healing. You will find out what your current chakra states are and receive a soul message related to each chakra/life area to bring healing and balance to your life.

If you would like to experience what open chakras feel like, come to my next Chakra Bliss Group Healing or join as a distance participant. This will show you exactly what it feels like to have healthy chakras and give you a starting point.

If you would like to learn how to read the signs of your body and the universe to be able to take action BEFORE you are blocked, take my online course A Drop Of Om On Intuition. I am teaching a special way of listening to your body intuitively in the course, it is called Whole Body Listening Meditation. You will also receive specific tools to take heart and soul guided actions. It is all about you discovering your own unique intuition style to be able to start communicating with your inner wisdom. The first module of the course is available for free here. The full course is $50 until the end of December (It’ll be $100 afterwards). Click here to begin to listen into your inner wisdom.

If you would like to reclaim your power and energy and go beyond your existing stuckness, stay tuned. I am working on a soul-project to get you there. In the meantime, please reply back and tell me where you feel most stuck in life and where you think your energy is sucked into on a daily basis. And if you need immediate help, consider working with me in a one-on-one Consult to answer your soul’s needs.

With love and light,

Damla Aktekin

Who You Are


When I read somebody’s chakra state and communicate it to them, there’s often a hesitation in receiving the information. Having a blocked chakra somehow is taken as yet another life arena that we fail to measure up to a standard. Yet it is only an indication of where you are in life, not who you are.

Who you are cannot be measured. Who you are is pure love and light. Where you are however, continually changes and shifts according to the life lessons you are working on right now.

So blocked or depleted chakras tell me that you are going through something, probably with all the grace you can muster. And I bow to you with all my heart. Because we all go through big and small life lessons, and where you are doesn’t show me who you are, it just shows me you are being the best you can be at this moment in your life’s journey and with each positive step, life and your energy field are waiting to open up new doors for you.

With love and light,


Service Is Joy


It doesn’t matter where you are on your life’s journey, you can still be of service. You can have completely blocked chakras, you may be struggling with your emotions, your health, or your finances, and still be a light to someone or some being in your life. If you are a healer, you don’t need to be a guru to help others. If you are a mom, you don’t need to have a perfect day to care for your children. If you are a person who feels lost, you can still learn to hold space for light and hope, to come into being for yourself and others.

Even while you struggle, you are medicine for someone or some being in your life. Your existence and your vibration help someone expand theirs, sometimes lovingly, sometimes painfully. Call it karma, call it coexistence, you are medicine.

And you become a powerful, positive, loving medicine when you choose your thoughts, words, and actions to be of service. Today I invite you to find one being in your life (it can be you) that you can be kind and loving to, to the best of your ability. Give them from your heart, really be there for them, look into their eyes lovingly, smile and genuinely ask questions about their needs and dreams. And be open to receiving just by giving.

With love and light,

Damla Aktekin



One of the gifts in my life is reading the chakra states of the people around me.There is one thing in common in everyone with healthy and open chakra fields: they are happy and at ease with who they are and where they are in life regardless of their circumstances, which shows in their bodies and in their smiles.

Anyone can have healthy chakras. The last person I read in public with completely open chakras? The busboy at a sushi restaurant. Our waiter was completely blocked and stressed, didn’t even notice my four year old daughter thanking him. But the busboy was all smiles and I could sense him elevate everyone’s energy.

So look for the smiling faces around you today. And if you want to be one, just close your eyes and whisper ‘I am ok with this’, to your body, to your struggles, to your troubles over and over again, until a smile finds its way into your being.

Wishing you a beautiful day,

With love and light,

Damla Aktekin

Remembering Your Light


Remembering The Light

“I had forgotten.” she said, “How it felt to feel good.” We all looked at her with a loving gaze. We, women (and occasionally men) sitting in the healing circle, understood what it means to lose your light and to not even remember how you felt when you had it. “Thank you for reminding me.” It was at the end of another Chakra Bliss Group Healing. The circle held the blissful energy that the crystals, energy work and our intentions created. Each participant was slowly coming out of their unique crystal chakra balance experience and sharing their journey. Some had seen lights, colors, some had met with deceased loved ones, beloved pets, some got in touch with the healer within, some downloaded new bliss codes to their energy field, and some simply had the best savasana ever.

I could see that they have all changed within the short 1.5 hours of the healing. I could sense their chakras talking to me and telling me their stories: ‘blocked to slow moving, slow moving to healthy’.  I could see the beauty and the light in their being and the gifts hidden in their struggles. Yet all I ever do in these healings, is help them remember the light they already are by holding the sacred space, letting them bathe in the energy of the crystals, and inviting the high vibrational help to amplify their intentions.

Change is simpler than you think. All you need is to remember how it feels to feel good. And in my experience as a chakra healer, you only need four things to do that:

  • Your intention to be open and receive,
  • The right crystals for you,
  • Having a process to activate the crystals and the always available highest vibrational help OR having a healer hold the space and do the activation for you,
  • And a little bit of time to let your system soak in the light.

Once you feel the goodness, you keep coming back to it, again and again. Your energy field, your light gets purer and brighter with each come-back. You remember how it feels to feel at home in your body and in your being. You remember the ‘you’ when you didn’t have to carry a thousand debts, worries, struggles and hassles on your shoulders. You remember that it is ok and your birthright to feel lighter, brighter and better. You remember that you have the power to change and shift your energy field to hold more light, to let go of what doesn’t serve you and to truly be the light that you already are inside.

In the short time that I have held Chakra Bliss Group Healings, I have seen magic happen over and over again. Some put it into words telling me about the magical journeys they went to while in meditation, some walked up to me to hug me with sparkles in their eyes, not able to put it into words but grateful and truly blissful to remember their light, some walked away with tears that lightened up their load, shedding the weight of their wounds and burdens. The group healings are my way of making my Chakra Bliss Healing private sessions more accessible to everyone. The gifts these group healings continue to bring to me and everyone who come, just amaze me. I am in awe of all the light I see in these sessions as I work on each individual. If you are at a place where the word ‘light’, or being and feeling lighter seems far away, trust me that it is closer than you think.

I invite you to experience a Chakra Bliss Group Healing with me and to remember your light. Starting this September, I am holding one group healing per month. The first upcoming healing is at the lovely Bending Bodhi Yoga Studio in Dover on September 18th Sunday. The great news for folks not living on the Seacoast is that I am opening up the doors to distance participation. Meaning, no matter where you are, I can sense and include your energy field in the healing circle. No matter where you are, you have a chance to participate and benefit from remembering your light.

Hope to meet you and your energy field soon,

With love and light,

Damla Aktekin


I am Beautiful

I am beautiful. It is not often that I pause and say myself this. I am changing that. Here’s why you should do the same:

  • Your truth, my truth, our truth is being beautiful. It is not because your nose is proportional to your eyes or your skin glows, but because I am, you are a wild expression of life, one of the millions of possibilities. There’s a unique beauty in that.
  • I realized that the only times I recognize my own beauty are when I put an extra effort into my outfit or my husband/soulmate sees and recognizes my beauty. I know that in his eyes I am always beautiful no matter how I look. And I realized that in my eyes I am beautiful only when I put an extra effort into it. This is no longer OK for me because I have a four year old daughter and I don’t want her to seek the recognition of her own beauty elsewhere, or have to work extra hard for seeing and feeling it herself. I see her beauty shine even when she is covered in mud. It is time to see the same beauty in myself and often.
  • Which brings me to my last point, not only am I beautiful, but you and everyone and everything in this world are too. As I walk in the street I know this, I cannot see my own inner beauty until I see and recognize it in every living soul around me. No judgment, no turning away, no categorizing. I see and know that the beauty around me is the same as the beauty within me.

When did you last feel beautiful? More importantly, when did you last make yourself and others feel beautiful? Let’s say it together: I am beautiful. You are beautiful. We are beautiful. And we all deserve to feel that.

With love and light,


What You Need Is Right Here

mantra postThe knowledge, know-how, support, love, care, health, bliss, creativity, wisdom or anything else you need is right HERE. Just like downloading and installing a new software into your laptop, you can download anything you need into yourself to accomplish what you want or need to do.

There are various ways of doing this. Some call it accessing your past-lives and calling forth talents and energies you already know how to be with or use. Some say it is a gift from our ancestors who are living in our cells. All their wisdom and knowledge is already stored within. There is a theory about Morphogenetic Fields by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. It basically says that all we learn as a species is stored in an energy field that everyone can access anytime. If someone learns a new way of playing the piano in Finland, somebody else in Australia can access this knowledge and learn it faster. Dr. Carl Yung talked about the Collective Unconscious, which is a similar idea, saying that we share instincts and archetypes in a field that is specific to our species.

Then there are specific formulas for attracting, unearthing or bringing about new energies, talents, shifts of consciousness in you and others, aka MANTRAS. They are created to represent and access an energy pattern in the universe and bring it into your life.

You may wonder how exactly? Here are a few examples:

  • A health mantra to awaken the healer within, activate the wisdom of your cells and help you intuit new ways of healing
  • An abundance mantra to attract wealth and new ways of gaining abundance (including hidden talents) into your life
  • A creativity mantra to gather sparks of energy and turn them into ideas
  • An anger mantra to make friends with your anger and let it shift into an ally
  • A consciousness mantra to awaken the inner pathways of your energy system, and help you access the places of wisdom that live in your body

The time that the mantras create visible physical and emotional results varies.

  • Sometimes it takes time to find the right software for you
  • Sometimes it is necessary to take care of the hardware first (think a juice cleanse, retreat or a vacation)
  • Sometimes it takes a longer time to install the software into your system (like a super slow download due to hardware (aka karma) issues, which may ask for more mantra repetitions over a longer period of time)

I know this: mantra works and it can create tiny to major wonders and miracles in your life if you stick with it.

Mantra does not mean that you won’t take action. Through your mantra practice, you will get in touch with your intention and the energy that mantra represents with the help of the daily repetition and open yourself to signs, synchronicities, solutions that you have not thought of before, opportunities of growth, and letting go. You can then use all of what you find through your practice to take small or big steps EVERY SINGLE DAY. Mantra creates focused and intent-filled action that will get to where you want to go fast and in surprising ways.

I created the 40 Days of Shanti Free Mantra Challenge to give you a taste of the wonderfully simple, easy to learn and potent mantra practice. In 40 days, I walk you through a practice of the classical mantra ‘Om Shanti Om’ to open new pathways of peace in your life in whatever area or aspect you need it most. You can sign up at this link and start enjoying the magic of downloading peace into your life.

I am hosting a day-long Mantra Immersion in Istanbul, Turkey. This is a completely revamped and upgraded version of my previous workshop based on practice and experience. If you live in Turkey and have taken this workshop with me, take it again. If you haven’t, this is your chance to learn to tap into the energies of the universe and install what you need.

With love and light,


To Be OK With That


A couple of years ago, I was coming out of a yoga class, climbing the stairs leading to the street together with one of the women who took the class that day. We were both in the lovely haze that is created in the aftermath of a connected yoga practice, and started to chat about why we need to come to the class anyway. I remember saying to her ‘I feel like we are here to reset ourselves over and over again.’ and she whispered ‘and to be ok with that…’. We both walked into the beautiful, crisp autumn air outside and then it hit me, she had just given me one of the most beautiful and elegant lessons of my life: to reset ourselves over and over again and to be ok with that.

I have thought about it often since then, especially in the times when it feels like the weight of my life and the drama of the world is too much to bear. As a mom, woman, free-thinking citizen of the world, I notice the deep drama going on in our individual and collective lives. The issues that keep coming back are not new. Yet we all seem to struggle on some level to make peace within ourselves and to create the peace we seek in our outer lives and in our immediate and far communities. Yoga is just one refuge in this confusing mess. One that connects us to our reserves of hope. And then we go back into our daily lives and come back to the practice over and over again to renew our connection to this healing balm. The practice of coming back itself becomes the hope that helps us survive the unruly chaos of our reality. And yet every time we lose touch with this connection, we need to re-believe that hope is a possibility.

Today is one of those days. I choose to believe that we can change our reality. I choose to believe that my practice matters, my conscious thoughts, words, feelings and actions can lift the world. I choose to believe that even though I have to reset my beliefs, my nervous system, my digestion, my posture, my relationship with myself and the world, almost every single day, that it matters that I connect with my truth. And that truth is accepting and seeing the beauty that my hope stays alive despite everything. The hope that my/our consciousness is evolving and that we will go beyond the current struggles of our species and make peace with ourselves, with other human beings and all the other residents of the world.

The fact that we are not there yet, and that it takes courage to exist right now in this time, and that I/we still need to believe, hope, practice, reset ourselves and come back to the world with a renewed courage and refilled peace reserves, and to be ok with all of this, is the real practice of yoga.

~with special thanks to Patty Welch for her wisdom and her quiet, courageous presence

photo credit: @dlopezt

You Are Allowed to Be Blissful


You are allowed to be blissful.

You are allowed to feel what you feel.

You are allowed to not be ok all the time.

You are allowed to be the unapologetic, imperfect, joyful you.

You are allowed to lose it and then find it again (whatever ‘it’ may be).

You are allowed to make big and small mistakes.

You are allowed to arrive the destination your own way.

You are allowed to say no to whomever or whatever your heart says no to.

You are allowed to be you.

You are allowed to feel a big burst of joy.

You are allowed to daydream and lie in bed.

You are allowed to do nothing sometimes.

You are allowed to let it go.

You are allowed to let it be.

You are allowed to be the unique expression of your beautiful soul in every possible way.

With love and light,


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