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Caring For Your Energy Field

One of the questions I get often is ‘How often do I need to clear and tend to my energy field?’ The simple answer is it depends on you, the severity of your wounds and your life choices.

Getting your chakras cleared is like going through a juice cleanse. You will feel great afterward especially if you have never done one before. What matters after is how you keep up your health routine (or how you take care of your energy field). Do you go right back to eating heavy, fast food or do you consider changing your diet (your thoughts and how you deal with your emotions) to continue to feel better? Even if you don’t immediately manage to drastically change anything, wouldn’t your system handle the food (life) load better if you give it a chance to clear its passageways and let it absorb new nutrients?

The other piece of this is time. How long have you been living with a blocked field without giving your system a chance to renew its flow? If the wounds are long-standing from early childhood and you are new to caring for your energy field, you may need to do a series of professional cleaning sessions to get your system to a flowing state.

There’s a certain level of numbness in not caring for your field. You carry on with life not even realizing the amount of load you have been carrying. Once that load is relieved with a chakra healing whether it be crystal healing, working with tuning forks or any other chakra flow restoring modality, you will have a body-mind-soul experience of what it feels like to feel lighter, brighter and better. This is exactly what happens in my chakra healing sessions. People usually come in with a feeling of heaviness and life not flowing right. They leave with a renewed sense of lightness and resilience. I send my clients off with very practical messages and advice that sets them on a path of continuing chakra flow.

As you work on your field by yourself or with the help of an experienced healer, you will begin to notice when things aren’t flowing properly. You will begin to develop a sensitivity to your energetic clearing needs. Once you work through the bigger deeper chakra wounds, it becomes a question of what you need depending on where you are in your life. Through certain transitions, you may need more support. The truth is we all need an occasional deep clean to get things flowing again.

Ultimately chakra healing is all about replenishing your field’s resilience so that you can be more present and resourceful in the moment. It gives you the ability to not react but take inspired action. It opens you up to seeing possibilities in your life that you couldn’t notice before. It takes you to a magical place of oneness with your soul, where you can tap into your inner knowing for receiving answers to your most pressing questions.

One of the things to keep in mind is that if you have never done any chakra clearing work before, you are better off working with an experienced healer that you trust. Clearing your chakras will bring up old wounds and emotions. It is important to work with someone who is experienced in chakra healing to hold the space for you and walk you through the beautiful, amazing, extraordinary map of your chakras.

I can tell you from experience that investing in your energy field’s health is really worth it. The clearing and the lightness you gain aren’t only great for you but the results will carry over to your relationships, family, and community. Here are a few ways that you can work with me on your chakras:

  • If you are interested in finding out how your chakras are doing, you can meet with me for a 30 Minute FREE Chakra Consult over the phone. We will look into your most pressing chakra issue, the chakra wound it is tied to, and you will leave with a guided message on what your next steps are for your chakra health and flow. Schedule your Chakra Consult at this link.
  • Chakra Bliss Healing works with intuitively selected crystals and a guided visualization to clear and expand your chakra field. You will also receive an upload of any light codes your system needs at this time, as well as channeled messages for each chakra. Think of it as a general house cleaning. More information is at this link.
  • Sound Balancing digs deep into chakra wounds, smoothes out the disturbances and gives you a renewed perspective on how your childhood and timeline wounds may be affecting what is going on in your life right now. Each session is dedicated to one chakra issue. Think of it as doing Spring cleaning for a room in your house that really needs it. More information is at this link.

Looking forward to meeting you and your energy field soon.

With love and light,


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