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Dancing with My Sadness

One of those mornings. I wake up several times at night. A web of dreams. Woke up with my left side, from my neck to the inner left shoulder blade, tight and stuck with a searing pain. As I move, tears follow. This is different, this isn’t just a ‘I slept on a wrong angle’ kind of pain, this is ‘listen to me I’m trying to tell you something’ kind of pain.

So I listen. I lie down with my crystals on my chakras. I invite light to shine into my energy vortices one by one. The sadness shape-shifts, this isn’t something new, this is my old friend of feeling helpless and trapped. I see myself as a teenager, so full of passion, and so angry at being said no to and not having any control over my time and choices. The good thing is I am not a teenager any more, the challenging thing is this feeling is between me and my arriving to this moment fully. So the inquiry continues, right in my belly I see my cells desperately wanting to control everything. So exhausting. What if they can let all that go. So I ask, and they let the light in. A sigh of relief, my body melts. I continue to scan my body chakra by chakra, letting the energy of the crystals in, and believing that I can let go of this illusion of control, and so it is. My eased body joins my family to have some breakfast.

As I go about having breakfast, making tea and chatting with my daughter and husband, the sadness returns. Like a lost puppy, it is still trying to teach me something. The real work is right here, right at my breakfast table. It is knowing that no one did this to me, no one is to blame, it is a pattern, a condition, a conditioning, coming by to say hi. And I have no right to lash out to my child or husband or myself or anyone in my life. But I do have a responsibility to tend to this searing pain, this aching sadness.

I go back to solitude to be with it, and this time to dance with it. I choose a soothing rhythmic song. I start to move slowly, with no words, with a lot of tenderness and gentleness. I can clearly feel the start and the end of my pain, all the tightness, and with my inquiry I know that some of my deepest fears are behind it: feeling helpless, not being able to do anything I want and need to do, and losing my connection to the flow of life. My movements progress. I am not trying to understand anything. I am simply being there for this expression of life. I move, my pain moves, sometimes expanding, sometimes softening. Soon, my inner voice adds a mantra to my dance ‘Om Shanti Om’. My movements get bigger and stronger.

Suddenly I am reminded that I don’t have to carry it all by myself. I can rely on the vibration of ‘Om Shanti Om’ chanted by millions of others through millenia, I can rely on my ancestors, the invisible helpers in my DNA, and ask them to carry this fear with me, I can ask the light in the universe to give me a helping hand. My movements are not mine any more, the life and light are dancing me. I move and I am lifted at the same time.

And something magical happens: no more pain. My neck is free, my muscles no longer aching. I dance with a newly found connection to life and joy. Still chanting, releasing and allowing life to move in me, through me, with me. I hold my heart, my movements slow down, I truly feel the vibration that is carrying me through it: ‘Om Shanti Om’. I offer it all to the light, vibration, and the unique expression of life that we all are.

The strong neck and shoulder pain I woke up with disappears in the face of an honest inquiry with the help of crystals, mantra and dance. When you show up with the intention of a fully engaged presence, and a loving willingness to be with what is, and use the tools available to you, your feelings, sensations and pain open up to you and share their secrets with you. You open up to the possibility of ease, joy, freedom and lightness.

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With love and light,


What Your Chakras Are Telling Me


I don’t even need to see you. I think of you and your chakra states appear in my mind: 

  • 1, 2, 3 blocked (not moving at all) and the rest depleted (slow moving)
  • all blocked
  • beyond blocked (a really constricted energy field)
  • all open (healthy rotating chakras)
  • beyond open (expanded field)
  • 1, 2, 3 depleted, rest are open

Your chakras are rotating vortices that turn, turn, turn. The word chakra means a turning wheel. They rotate to create vacuum at the center which then sucks in the life energy around you into your system, which is then distributed throughout your body and field. They also create mini-magnetic fields which add up to your personal energy area/field. There are many many many chakras in your body. When I say 1, 2, 3 and the rest, I am talking about the seven main chakras, which have the largest vortices in your field. Without going into more detail, let’s just say that 1, 2, 3 are located below your diaphragm, and the rest are between your heart (4) and crown (7). In general 1, 2, 3 deal with worldly survival concerns, and heart and above deals with spiritual and personal development concerns. 

When I read people’s chakras, I see where they are in life. 

1, 2, 3 blocked rest depleted tells me that this person is on purpose choosing not to see something that they need to see and address to heal. This is the mom who pushes through to get things done, not taking a moment to reflect on her life because she feels overwhelmed and powerless. This is the grandma who accepted life and her involvement in it to be a certain way and is not willing to change even if change would open her up to new possibilities (which is scary). This is the dad who pushes through his career not out of joy but from a place of obligation.

Then there is all blocked. It tells me that you have been continuing on without taking a break to the point of physical and emotional exhaustion. You have been feeling mostly uncomfortable with a feeling of weight, solutions and life don’t come easily, you feel like you are in a fog. That ongoing cold will take you there. But it is more than that. You feel stuck in the cycles and patterns of your life and you are not sure what to change or how. Mostly, you get here when you don’t listen in to the signals of your body and the universe, and don’t address why you got into a constricted energy position in the first place. 

Beyond blocked tells me that you had a major trauma in your past or you are going through a major change or shift in your life (loss, divorce, surgery, etc). This is a state of extreme stuckness and numbness in the body. Illness can present itself or it already is present. Unable to deal with inner and outer darkness and shadow. Prone to blaming others. Not able to properly take care of oneself.

All open. All is good in your world. You are where you need to be to fulfill your life purpose. You are in the moment. You enjoy life. This tells me that this person knows who they are in life and they are ok with it. They’ve made peace with what is. Most Chakra Bliss Group Healing participants experience this state during and after the healing. Believe it or not, you don’t need alcohol, pills, food, or money to get to this state. Take a look at your playing children, they mostly exist in this state of openness and presence.

Beyond open. Most healers, shamans, lightworkers and artists exist here. This is the state of expanding your energy field to create healing space for others. All who are called to heal humanity with the way they are and with what they say, think, do and create, know how to get to this expanded place. 

1, 2, 3 depleted rest are open. This is one of my favorite states. These are usually the people who know how to regulate and reclaim their energy. Most of the time, they are all open. But when the earthly concerns weigh them down (safety, money, relationships, politics, etc), they pause and bring themselves to a more open place by focusing on the now, focusing on their breath. These are the people who know how to heal their energy states and if they choose to, they become great teachers and healers for others. My main goal in my consults, workshops and trainings is to give people this capability to be with whatever life presents at any given moment. Your field then takes care of its own healing.

Remember that this is a generalized outlook. Of course there a lot of other chakra reading possibilities, and the same chakra states may mean different things for different people depending on where/how the energetic disturbance originated and where they are in their life journey.

However in general, energy disturbances have two simple origins:

  • You are stuck in an energy pattern (they way you see, relate to and interact with your reality)
  • You are sending away your energy to where it doesn’t need to go

These two have two really simple looking resolutions:

  • Using your intuition to figure out where you are stuck (and how to get out of it)
  • Training yourself to reclaim your energy in the NOW

If you are wondering where you are energetically right now, come to a Chakra Bliss Healing. You will find out what your current chakra states are and receive a soul message related to each chakra/life area to bring healing and balance to your life.

If you would like to experience what open chakras feel like, come to my next Chakra Bliss Group Healing or join as a distance participant. This will show you exactly what it feels like to have healthy chakras and give you a starting point.

If you would like to learn how to read the signs of your body and the universe to be able to take action BEFORE you are blocked, take my online course A Drop Of Om On Intuition. I am teaching a special way of listening to your body intuitively in the course, it is called Whole Body Listening Meditation. You will also receive specific tools to take heart and soul guided actions. It is all about you discovering your own unique intuition style to be able to start communicating with your inner wisdom. The first module of the course is available for free here. The full course is $50 until the end of December (It’ll be $100 afterwards). Click here to begin to listen into your inner wisdom.

If you would like to reclaim your power and energy and go beyond your existing stuckness, stay tuned. I am working on a soul-project to get you there. In the meantime, please reply back and tell me where you feel most stuck in life and where you think your energy is sucked into on a daily basis. And if you need immediate help, consider working with me in a one-on-one Consult to answer your soul’s needs.

With love and light,

Damla Aktekin

Who You Are


When I read somebody’s chakra state and communicate it to them, there’s often a hesitation in receiving the information. Having a blocked chakra somehow is taken as yet another life arena that we fail to measure up to a standard. Yet it is only an indication of where you are in life, not who you are.

Who you are cannot be measured. Who you are is pure love and light. Where you are however, continually changes and shifts according to the life lessons you are working on right now.

So blocked or depleted chakras tell me that you are going through something, probably with all the grace you can muster. And I bow to you with all my heart. Because we all go through big and small life lessons, and where you are doesn’t show me who you are, it just shows me you are being the best you can be at this moment in your life’s journey and with each positive step, life and your energy field are waiting to open up new doors for you.

With love and light,




One of the gifts in my life is reading the chakra states of the people around me.There is one thing in common in everyone with healthy and open chakra fields: they are happy and at ease with who they are and where they are in life regardless of their circumstances, which shows in their bodies and in their smiles.

Anyone can have healthy chakras. The last person I read in public with completely open chakras? The busboy at a sushi restaurant. Our waiter was completely blocked and stressed, didn’t even notice my four year old daughter thanking him. But the busboy was all smiles and I could sense him elevate everyone’s energy.

So look for the smiling faces around you today. And if you want to be one, just close your eyes and whisper ‘I am ok with this’, to your body, to your struggles, to your troubles over and over again, until a smile finds its way into your being.

Wishing you a beautiful day,

With love and light,

Damla Aktekin

Remembering Your Light


Remembering The Light

“I had forgotten.” she said, “How it felt to feel good.” We all looked at her with a loving gaze. We, women (and occasionally men) sitting in the healing circle, understood what it means to lose your light and to not even remember how you felt when you had it. “Thank you for reminding me.” It was at the end of another Chakra Bliss Group Healing. The circle held the blissful energy that the crystals, energy work and our intentions created. Each participant was slowly coming out of their unique crystal chakra balance experience and sharing their journey. Some had seen lights, colors, some had met with deceased loved ones, beloved pets, some got in touch with the healer within, some downloaded new bliss codes to their energy field, and some simply had the best savasana ever.

I could see that they have all changed within the short 1.5 hours of the healing. I could sense their chakras talking to me and telling me their stories: ‘blocked to slow moving, slow moving to healthy’.  I could see the beauty and the light in their being and the gifts hidden in their struggles. Yet all I ever do in these healings, is help them remember the light they already are by holding the sacred space, letting them bathe in the energy of the crystals, and inviting the high vibrational help to amplify their intentions.

Change is simpler than you think. All you need is to remember how it feels to feel good. And in my experience as a chakra healer, you only need four things to do that:

  • Your intention to be open and receive,
  • The right crystals for you,
  • Having a process to activate the crystals and the always available highest vibrational help OR having a healer hold the space and do the activation for you,
  • And a little bit of time to let your system soak in the light.

Once you feel the goodness, you keep coming back to it, again and again. Your energy field, your light gets purer and brighter with each come-back. You remember how it feels to feel at home in your body and in your being. You remember the ‘you’ when you didn’t have to carry a thousand debts, worries, struggles and hassles on your shoulders. You remember that it is ok and your birthright to feel lighter, brighter and better. You remember that you have the power to change and shift your energy field to hold more light, to let go of what doesn’t serve you and to truly be the light that you already are inside.

In the short time that I have held Chakra Bliss Group Healings, I have seen magic happen over and over again. Some put it into words telling me about the magical journeys they went to while in meditation, some walked up to me to hug me with sparkles in their eyes, not able to put it into words but grateful and truly blissful to remember their light, some walked away with tears that lightened up their load, shedding the weight of their wounds and burdens. The group healings are my way of making my Chakra Bliss Healing private sessions more accessible to everyone. The gifts these group healings continue to bring to me and everyone who come, just amaze me. I am in awe of all the light I see in these sessions as I work on each individual. If you are at a place where the word ‘light’, or being and feeling lighter seems far away, trust me that it is closer than you think.

I invite you to experience a Chakra Bliss Group Healing with me and to remember your light. Starting this September, I am holding one group healing per month. The first upcoming healing is at the lovely Bending Bodhi Yoga Studio in Dover on September 18th Sunday. The great news for folks not living on the Seacoast is that I am opening up the doors to distance participation. Meaning, no matter where you are, I can sense and include your energy field in the healing circle. No matter where you are, you have a chance to participate and benefit from remembering your light.

Hope to meet you and your energy field soon,

With love and light,

Damla Aktekin


My Crystal Story


My crystal story begins on my couch on a December night. It was a cold cold night and I needed some tv-candy as I call it (aka. mindless entertainment). And by that I mean I was browsing interviews on my favorite online subscription for new age stuff: Gaiam TV.

I came across an interview called ‘Healing with Gemstones’ with James Tyberonn. First of all, one minute into the interview, I remember sitting up straight to wake myself up. This was something I did not want to miss. James Tyberonn is a Geologist and an Engineer who worked with crystals his entire life. He was talking about his spiritual journey, which is really cool. But what amazed me was how he regarded crystals as living beings that hold consciousness.

This was my turning point. I decided to learn more about crystals. Next week, I went to a crystal shop and got myself ten new crystals. There was one issue: I didn’t know what to do with them! I started to research more about ways to use them. I came across an energy exercise where you slowly bring your hands towards each other and stop when you sense energy. Then you repeat the same thing with a crystal in your hand. I did this using a clear quartz crystal. I was shocked at how much more sensation I felt with the crystal compared to without!

I started to experiment with the crystals I have, laying them on my chakras and falling deep into meditation.

My next issue was not knowing which crystals to use. I still knew very little about their specific healing properties. Then it occurred to me to trust a better resource: my intuition. I started to use my Pendulum to decide on which crystals to use. The results were phenomenal! My meditations deepened. I was getting somewhere. I also found out how to use my Pendulum to measure if a chakra is blocked, depleted, overworking or healthy.

I decided to try what I learned on others. My first client was my mother-in-law, Zeynep (you can read her testimonial here.). While she was on the table, I intuitively added two guided meditations to get her into a relaxed state so that she could fully enjoy the benefits of the crystals. I also called upon her angels, guides, ancestors and ascended masters for healing help. Then I worked on her using some Reiki energy healing methods I know as a Reiki Master but mainly by letting my intuition guide my hands. She woke up telling me that she didn’t want to come out of it. There were tears on her eyes, she saw healing lights throughout the session and heard a beautiful music that I didn’t play.

My next few clients also reported seeing lights and feeling lighter at the end of the session. At that point I haven’t yet used these guided meditations in my own practice, so I decided to give it a go. I chose my crystals and followed the same process I now follow for my Chakra Bliss Healing clients.

Right after the guided meditations, I saw a bright green light and knew that I was visited by an angel. Even though I had called upon many healers, this Being told them to step aside and after getting my permission, worked on me extensively. My second chakra had been chronically blocked ever since my C-section. After this session, it measured as depleted, which meant there was some movement in it! Later I checked some reference materials and came across Angel Raphael who is said to emanate a healing green light.

This is the story of how my Chakra Bliss Healing sessions came to be. It was a natural intuitive progression for me. In the end I decided to give up my need to know everything and trust a source that is bigger than me to guide my hands and heal those who choose to work with me.

I continue to be amazed by crystals and the powerful healing they initiate, both in my own meditations and in my clients. I feel blessed to have found them and l look forward to exploring their gifts.

The strange thing is each time I do a Chakra Bliss Healing, it gets easier. I suppose that is the grace of the healers who are helping me.

If you would like to give the Chakra Bliss Healing sessions a try, visit my Chakra Bliss Healing page to schedule your session. I offer them in my home studio in Durham, NH and via Skype.

I hope to meet you soon 🙂

With love and light,


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