Clearing Your Inner Space

The same way you clean your home, desk, your body, you need to clean your mind, thoughts and inner space regularly. You may not often realize how much of others’ thoughts and vibrations you pick up and live with. Similarly, there are thoughts and stories that you create and marinate yourself in, day in and day out.

The problem is when you begin to assume that these are true to you and take them on as yours even though they are not. They limit the positive, genuine, spacious vibrations you are meant to hold, and your body and mind are stuck in a constant loop of thinking and rethinking the same limiting beliefs and stories over and over.

In order to clear your inner space, you first need to get silent and listen in. Listen in to what comes up and what doesn’t feel good, easy, loving and life-affirming. Especially pay attention to the repetitive thoughts and stories. Ask all the rest to leave you and your mind. And do this as often as you can, preferably daily.

If the stories you tell yourself and the vibrations you picked up from others have been with you for a long time and it feels like they are resistant, book a 30 Minute Free Chakra Consult with me and let’s see what may be in the way of releasing them and begin to explore ways to let them go.

With love and light,

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