Cold and Consciousness

I’ve been nursing a cold all week. Feeling foggy and tired with a low-grade fever and waiting for it to run its course. I woke up tonight in the middle of the night with a ‘my sinuses are too full’ feeling. Unable to go to sleep, I got up and took care of a few things including drinking some water with lemon (always helps with anything). Then it occurred to me.

Consciousness is a sum of all our aware moments. The more aware you are the more conscious (aka awake) you are. And you can’t be fully conscious just by being aware of all the good-labeled moments, feelings and emotions. You need to expand your consciousness to include the totality of your life experience. This takes work, effort and brutal honesty.

So for me this means tending to everything that my body is feeling right now without judging or labeling. And drinking lots and lots of water with lemon juice 🙂

What are you aware of right now? What can you include in your field of awareness that you normally push or wish away?

Here are a few ways to work with me to bring your conscious awareness to what needs light and to transform your outlook so that you can begin to hold more and more in your loving gaze.

Have a blissful week.

With love and light,


Photograph by NASA

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