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Self-Healing with Crystals Made Easy

I have never taken a workshop which has given me so much and has awakened my personal power to help myself.” Patty Welch

You are a firm believer of doing it yourself when possible and a self-healing enthusiast. You have heard of chakras and crystals but you are not sure what to make of them or where to start. What if there was a way for you to assess and heal your own chakras in a simple and effective way? What if you didn’t need to know all there is to know about crystals and chakras to benefit from this method?

This workshop will take chakras and crystals out of the shadows and into your practical reality, as tools for healing and deep transformation. Come and learn a healing method that will last you a lifetime and heal you using your own intuition and inner guidance.

In this two and a half hour workshop you will:

  • Learn how to measure your own chakras
  • Find out how to select crystals for each chakra
  • Learn ways to utilize crystals and chakra meditation to bring about a deep relaxation in your body
  • Get in touch with your intuition in a simple and effective way

Here’s a quick recap of my crystal story and how I came to use crystals and stones for healing myself and my clients. (Hint: it starts on my couch and ends with a touch from an angel (yep, you read it right!))

If you have any crystals at home, please bring them with you as well as a yoga mat and a light blanket, and wear comfortable clothing.

No crystals? No worries. You’ll be able to borrow some from my collection to use during the workshop.

I am currently offering this workshop as a private in my home studio in Durham, NH and as a private online class. For the online class, we will meet online using Skype (account name: adropofom). You will need: a Skype account, a reliable and fast internet connection and a functioning laptop or tablet with a camera and microphone.


Email me at to schedule your class.


“I have never taken a workshop which has given me so much and has awakened my personal power to help myself. Before the workshop, I had little knowledge of crystals and the chakra system. I left with a clear beginning understanding of both and a simple but valuable method of incorporating crystals into my life including a way to read and heal my chakras.  I gained an awareness of my chakras – experiencing them as a part of myself and the confidence to be true to them. I left feeling light and open with a sincere desire to continue the exploration of crystals, chakras and self healing. It was so much fun to leave the workshop with the confidence knowing the door is wide open with a clear, simple path to follow.  Thank you Damla for giving me the tools to make this journey possible. Before this experience, I was not aware of how real and strong the energy within me is.  I am a true believer now. “

Patty Welch, Yoga and Crystal Healing Enthusiast 

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