Factory Settings

When stress hits us we usually revert back to what I call our ‘factory settings’, meaning we handle the stress the same way we handled it when we were little, which usually is the way our parents handled it. There is usually an age we go back to as well. Depending on the situation, you may find yourself as a hungry/angry five year old, grumpy 13 year old or a sad two year old.

No matter how much self-improvement you do or how many times a day you meditate, going back to the factory settings is inevitable. It is a part of our wiring to seek what we need in a way that is wired in us at an early age.

The trick is then realizing when you are in a five year old state of mind, pausing to notice what you really need, and choosing to behave with the wisdom and the experience of your current year old self.

There is a better way to satisfy your needs, I call this ‘returning to the source code’. The source code is your life energy, connected to all the life energy around you. Some people call it electromagnetism, some call it the soul and the unified field, and some call it love. This is the place where you get your fuel, your inner resourcefulness, your ideas and creativity. This is the place that can help you rewrite a new behavioral pattern instead of the one you played out a million times before.

What you need to connect with your source code are only two things: making time for a sacred pause and your intention. I am hosting a Chakra Bliss Group Healing this Sunday to give you the time and space for a sacred pause to connect you with your source code. Hope to see you there.

With love and light,

Damla Aktekin

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