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Healing Happens In Layers

As you go through your healing journey, often there is an expectation of arriving to a place of completion, one where there will be no need for healing or retrieving parts of yourself. You will magically come to a place of no pain, no burst of emotion, but an ever-cheerful state of feeling energized and whole. I can tell you as a Healer that that place doesn’t exist in the way you imagine.

Healing happens in layers. You begin by identifying the need to heal. Something doesn’t feel quite right. You don’t feel like life is flowing as it should. You also feel like you lost your sense of joy somewhere. Sometimes this comes up as a physical discomfort. Other times it is your relationships, your job or your hard-to-control emotions that bring things up to the surface. So you begin the journey of uncovering what’s underneath. What’s underneath this burst of anger? What’s underneath these migraines? What choices have led me to this point? How can I make myself and my life whole again?

You then figure out a way to be with what comes up to the surface. Sometimes this is learning to be with an emotion by caring for your body first. Sometimes it is changing your life style to accommodate a food sensitivity. Then things change and shift and you feel ok for a while. Until the stuff hits the fan again. Then you begin to wonder where all those hours of yoga, meditation, breathing, self-study, energy healing, and reflection went to in the first place.

I can tell you exactly where they went to: they were preparing you for your next phase of healing. The fact that you start your healing work doesn’t mean that you are done after a single phase of relief. Every step helps you uncover a new dimension, pattern, perspective or conditioning that needs to come out to the light to be healed.

You are a multi-dimensional light being who encompasses vibrating strings of probabilities in the quantum fibers of your being. This means that at any given moment, you are creating and re-creating your physical, emotional and multi-dimensional reality. It also means that healing, as it is with everything in your life, is not a linear process. It has ups, downs, twists, turns, jumps, leaps and falls. All for the main purpose of giving you a chance to experience life to the fullest, with everything in it.

When you come to me for a chakra tune-up, we will clear, expand, install new energies, and uncover what needs to be uncovered at that particular moment in time in your energy field. This doesn’t mean that you are done with all that needs to be done with your chakra work. It simply means that you are giving your energetic system a boost, a hand if you will, in the never-ending work of becoming whole. Sometimes this is all it takes to take you from that fall to rising up and feeling in tune with life. That said, there is no guarantee that you will never need a tune-up again. You most likely will need to work on becoming whole until the end of your lifetime. But what I can do is give you my support to shift your energy when you need it the most.

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