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I am Beautiful

I am beautiful. It is not often that I pause and say myself this. I am changing that. Here’s why you should do the same:

  • Your truth, my truth, our truth is being beautiful. It is not because your nose is proportional to your eyes or your skin glows, but because I am, you are a wild expression of life, one of the millions of possibilities. There’s a unique beauty in that.
  • I realized that the only times I recognize my own beauty are when I put an extra effort into my outfit or my husband/soulmate sees and recognizes my beauty. I know that in his eyes I am always beautiful no matter how I look. And I realized that in my eyes I am beautiful only when I put an extra effort into it. This is no longer OK for me because I have a four year old daughter and I don’t want her to seek the recognition of her own beauty elsewhere, or have to work extra hard for seeing and feeling it herself. I see her beauty shine even when she is covered in mud. It is time to see the same beauty in myself and often.
  • Which brings me to my last point, not only am I beautiful, but you and everyone and everything in this world are too. As I walk in the street I know this, I cannot see my own inner beauty until I see and recognize it in every living soul around me. No judgment, no turning away, no categorizing. I see and know that the beauty around me is the same as the beauty within me.

When did you last feel beautiful? More importantly, when did you last make yourself and others feel beautiful? Let’s say it together: I am beautiful. You are beautiful. We are beautiful. And we all deserve to feel that.

With love and light,


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