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Leaning Into Softness

How often do you completely relax and enjoy yourself, and let yourself be guided by ease and love? More often than not we are in a holding pattern, even when we are doing enjoyable things. Instead of relaxing into the moment, we are holding, restricting, trying to control our experience.

What would it feel like for you to lean into softness instead? I invite you today to let your belly muscles soften, let your gaze relax, just be here with a complete surrender to whatever is here with you, for you, in and around you today. In that surrender, take deep breaths and follow your love, joy, bliss to lead you to what to do and how to go about your day.

Softness becomes an intention to come back to over and over. When you get lost, remind your body, gaze, voice to soften. Let your mind and your emotions follow along.

Wishing you wonderful holidays.

With love and light.

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