Making Peace With It

Healing does not mean getting rid of all your issues. It does mean however making peace with them.

When you make peace with what is, you are no longer fighting it. You can come to a deeper understanding of your struggles with an impartial look. You can then, in time, observe what it is that it is trying to teach you.

There are tools and methods that can show you how to do this. Crystals are a huge help because they bring you to a consciousness that can hold space for what is. Mantra does it too. Mantra Dance adds another layer where you can be the issue, you can give it a body to dance and express itself. The issue then feels seen and heard and understood. And often something magical happens: it releases its tight grip on you.

My life had been a constant struggle until I finally figured out how to use these tools. I know what it means to struggle. And I now know how to rise above it and see everything  as my dear teacher who is helping me become whole. I am here to teach you to do the same.

I hope to see you soon at my next Chakra Bliss Group Healing or Mantra Dance.

With love and light,

Damla Aktekin

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