Mantra Immersion – Part 1

Mala 1

Transcend Your Limits with Mantra

For every situation you feel you cannot get out of, for every thought that is controlling you, for every worry and fear, for every wish, want and need you have, there is a way. A way to change your circumstances and bring about change, by changing your relationship with reality. By installing love, abundance, peace, wisdom into your being as vibrations. With the ancient tool of mantra, you can re-imagine what it means to be you.

Mantra is an ancient way of reprogramming your inner world through vibration and intent. In the seed sounds and the meditative state they create, we recognize the pieces of the life puzzle. Chanting and mantra work have been known to result in therapeutic benefits and relax the nervous system. For many years, mantras have been kept secret because of the power they have, in transforming us beyond health, beyond our limitations, beyond the confines of our minds.

In this four hour meditation journey, you will explore mantra meditation and ways to incorporate this powerful tool into your everyday life. Together, we will examine selected mantras, their meanings, and learn practical ways to use mantras for affirmation, meditation and relaxation. At the end of the workshop, you will know everything you need to know to begin your mantra practice and transformational journey right away.

Please bring your own mala (a rosary with 108 beads). You can also purchase one at the workshop from me.

I am currently offering this workshop as a private in my home studio in Durham, NH and as a private online class. For the online class, we will meet online using Skype (account name: adropofom). You will need: a Skype account, a reliable and fast internet connection and a functioning laptop or tablet with a camera and microphone.


Email me at to schedule your class.

  • This has been such an amazing and wonderful workshop. I loved all the info and history behind the mantras and malas. It was a great blend of information and chanting. Thank you! – Mantra Immersion Part 1 Participant
  • Wonderful! The power of peaceful repetition is strong and strengthening. I felt a smile, felt motion, felt peace! I don’t relax well or take quiet time for myself often but I will do this. Thank you! – Priscilla C.
  • I was so happy to have a mantra practice workshop happening at this time of great transition in my life. I will hold this knowledge for the rest of my life and am so excited to expand my practice. Thank you for providing this extensive informational package to accompany this practice. – Mantra Immersion Part 1 Participant
  • I really enjoyed this workshop. You clearly know the material, history and the practice and are clearly passionate about mantras and chanting. I liked the flow, mixing up the sharing of info with personal sharing and practice. Good hand-out. Thank you! -Katie M.
  • This was a very thorough and easy to understand approach. I really enjoyed your teaching style and how you incorporated explanation and then practice so we could really ‘get it’. I am excited to begin my own practice. Thank you – Jen C.

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