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Pomegranate Love

Two years ago, I found ceramic pomegranates in a store nestled at a tiny alley in an enchanting Greek Island called Symi. I absolutely fell in love with these ceramic creations. Last summer, while visiting Symi a second time, I had the crazy idea of making ceramic pomegranates myself.

Pomegranates represent the continuity of life, the potential and the abundance hidden from sight but bursting to be realized, the seeds of our thoughts and intensions and how they get actualized in multiple ways, how we hold the potential to be more than what we seem, how there are layers and gifts to our existence.

In the picture you see the first four pomegranates I hand-built with clay. Working with clay as a teacher is a whole other story and I still need to wait for them to dry, get into the kiln, get glazed and baked again. Right now though, I am simply feeling so happy and content.

Next time inspiration hits you, I urge you to listen to your crazy idea, your call to creativity, your chance to bring something to life. Maybe it won’t work out or maybe it will, and you will end up with a beautiful meal, garment, writing, song, or a piece of ceramic that you can quietly enjoy and savor.

With love and light,


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