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Service Is Joy


It doesn’t matter where you are on your life’s journey, you can still be of service. You can have completely blocked chakras, you may be struggling with your emotions, your health, or your finances, and still be a light to someone or some being in your life. If you are a healer, you don’t need to be a guru to help others. If you are a mom, you don’t need to have a perfect day to care for your children. If you are a person who feels lost, you can still learn to hold space for light and hope, to come into being for yourself and others.

Even while you struggle, you are medicine for someone or some being in your life. Your existence and your vibration help someone expand theirs, sometimes lovingly, sometimes painfully. Call it karma, call it coexistence, you are medicine.

And you become a powerful, positive, loving medicine when you choose your thoughts, words, and actions to be of service. Today I invite you to find one being in your life (it can be you) that you can be kind and loving to, to the best of your ability. Give them from your heart, really be there for them, look into their eyes lovingly, smile and genuinely ask questions about their needs and dreams. And be open to receiving just by giving.

With love and light,

Damla Aktekin

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