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Sound Balancing is a revolutionary method that detects the disturbances in your energy field and corrects them with the help of the purifying tones of the tuning forks. With this Biofield Tuning method developed by Eileen Mckusick, it is possible to rebalance the source of your energetic wounds without the need to delve into them.

The energy field around our bodies is like the rings of a tree. About six feet out from our physical bodies is our birth, then a little closer to the body is our childhood, a little closer is teenage years, and then comes adulthood. As these rings of time come closer and closer into the body, we arrive at the present moment: our physical bodies. A trauma causes an energetic disturbance in these rings of time, that carry its effects through our energy system right into our physical bodies. Thus, focusing just on the physical body for an energetic resolution is not enough. Through sound balancing, it is possible to detect and re-balance energetic wounds in your field that result in changes and release in your physical system.

The session lasts one hour and is either in person one-on-one in my home studio in Durham, NH, or over Skype.

SINGLE SESSION $60 ($85 after September 30, 2017)

THREE SESSIONS $150 ($225 after September 30, 2017)

TEN SESSIONS $500 ($650 after September 30, 2017)



“Sound Balancing with Damla has been a profound experience for me. The session was far beyond what I ever could have expected. It helped address concerns I didn’t even realize I had. But once I was in the process, I knew this was really important work for me to do.

My overall healing experience has been very hard to explain. Right after both sessions, I felt very calm and grounded and relaxed. After the first session, I felt like old debris had been removed from my being. Like I was lighter, more buoyant and just more free. The days after the first session, I felt inspired, creative and ignited.

After the second session, there was a lot of emotion bubbling up, but it was necessary to come up, and I knew that. In addition, there was so much insight that came from this entire experience about my family and my past and my own patterns. This session in particular was very powerful, but it is almost like I needed it at that time. Like I needed to be stirred up! I was emotional but also very creative, though a bit low in energy for a couple days. I felt like I was able to access deeper layers of my being and things seemed to be shuffling more into alignment emotionally and physically. I feel like I am still evolving from these sessions.

I was most surprised by how much I felt physically! The energy from the tuning forks and the energy work in general that was going on, was the most powerful I’ve ever felt. I enjoyed all of it, honestly. Just being in such a sacred and safe space, having the support I needed to work with the energies of my system was profound for me. I enjoyed the feeling of trust and also the after effects — grounding and insights that bubbled up and helped me gain clarity.

I have felt so much shift within myself and in my life and I’ve witnessed a tremendous change in my daughter who also had several sessions. It’s been incredibly inspiring to experience this work. “

Jennifer Rose


“What an experience. I enjoyed all of it, especially the healing sound and the honest communication while Damla was working on my energetic field six feet out. And I really loved it when the tuning fork was held to my crown chakra.

I was surprised about how tired I was after, and then how energetic I felt the following week. Right after my sessions, I felt very tired and dehydrated. The following days, I felt wonderful and full of energy.

Since my Sound Balancing sessions, I feel more connected with my inner self. This is a powerful form of energy healing.”

Alicia Chevoor

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