What If There Is No Wrong?

What if there is no wrong? This week I am remembering that all you can do is your best and then you learn and adjust. This way everything becomes an imperfect masterpiece.

The search for perfection gives way to the beauty of this moment, this version, this already shifting reality. By releasing the idea of arriving to an imagined destination, it is easier to arrive to the ‘right here and right now’. Right here and right now may not look like what you imagined, hoped or dreamed of but it is in its own way beautiful.

Within that beauty, it is possible to appreciate what is, without the pressure of what should be or the worry of what may be. There is no ‘what should be’ only ‘what is’. ‘What may be’ is another opportunity to release ‘what should be’ and appreciate ‘what is’ present in and around you.

What would it be like to release your judgement of this moment and appreciate all that you are and all that your life is? Start with something that is troubling you lately. What would this situation, feeling, circumstance feel like if you knew you have done no wrong or could do no wrong no matter what you do (without hurting yourself or others)? What if you could ease the burden of ‘should’s and ‘could’s and replace them with the ease of accepting all the lessons and gifts your life presents you at every moment? What if this becomes a way of life for you to stay light-hearted in everything you do and to accept and make peace with everything you are?

With love and light,


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