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What You Need Is Right Here

mantra postThe knowledge, know-how, support, love, care, health, bliss, creativity, wisdom or anything else you need is right HERE. Just like downloading and installing a new software into your laptop, you can download anything you need into yourself to accomplish what you want or need to do.

There are various ways of doing this. Some call it accessing your past-lives and calling forth talents and energies you already know how to be with or use. Some say it is a gift from our ancestors who are living in our cells. All their wisdom and knowledge is already stored within. There is a theory about Morphogenetic Fields by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. It basically says that all we learn as a species is stored in an energy field that everyone can access anytime. If someone learns a new way of playing the piano in Finland, somebody else in Australia can access this knowledge and learn it faster. Dr. Carl Yung talked about the Collective Unconscious, which is a similar idea, saying that we share instincts and archetypes in a field that is specific to our species.

Then there are specific formulas for attracting, unearthing or bringing about new energies, talents, shifts of consciousness in you and others, aka MANTRAS. They are created to represent and access an energy pattern in the universe and bring it into your life.

You may wonder how exactly? Here are a few examples:

  • A health mantra to awaken the healer within, activate the wisdom of your cells and help you intuit new ways of healing
  • An abundance mantra to attract wealth and new ways of gaining abundance (including hidden talents) into your life
  • A creativity mantra to gather sparks of energy and turn them into ideas
  • An anger mantra to make friends with your anger and let it shift into an ally
  • A consciousness mantra to awaken the inner pathways of your energy system, and help you access the places of wisdom that live in your body

The time that the mantras create visible physical and emotional results varies.

  • Sometimes it takes time to find the right software for you
  • Sometimes it is necessary to take care of the hardware first (think a juice cleanse, retreat or a vacation)
  • Sometimes it takes a longer time to install the software into your system (like a super slow download due to hardware (aka karma) issues, which may ask for more mantra repetitions over a longer period of time)

I know this: mantra works and it can create tiny to major wonders and miracles in your life if you stick with it.

Mantra does not mean that you won’t take action. Through your mantra practice, you will get in touch with your intention and the energy that mantra represents with the help of the daily repetition and open yourself to signs, synchronicities, solutions that you have not thought of before, opportunities of growth, and letting go. You can then use all of what you find through your practice to take small or big steps EVERY SINGLE DAY. Mantra creates focused and intent-filled action that will get to where you want to go fast and in surprising ways.

I created the 40 Days of Shanti Free Mantra Challenge to give you a taste of the wonderfully simple, easy to learn and potent mantra practice. In 40 days, I walk you through a practice of the classical mantra ‘Om Shanti Om’ to open new pathways of peace in your life in whatever area or aspect you need it most. You can sign up at this link and start enjoying the magic of downloading peace into your life.

I am hosting a day-long Mantra Immersion in Istanbul, Turkey. This is a completely revamped and upgraded version of my previous workshop based on practice and experience. If you live in Turkey and have taken this workshop with me, take it again. If you haven’t, this is your chance to learn to tap into the energies of the universe and install what you need.

With love and light,


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