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Where The Wound Lives

Our energetic wounds live in our bodies, minds and our electromagnetic field (about 6 feet out all around our body). Anything that is not loving is recorded in our fields, minds, and bodies. We often associate deep wounds and trauma with physical or emotional abuse. What we don’t understand is for something to be a wound, it only needs to ‘feel like’ and be perceived as trauma or stress by our system. In the mind of a child, the uncontrolled anger of a parent is trauma, because they are never sure when it is going to hit even if it doesn’t immediately hurt them or it isn’t about them, which creates a constant state of heightened alert and stress in them. Being exposed to your parents arguing is trauma. And I am finding more and more, ignoring any need of a child or adolescent is traumatic.

Here are a few ways we get energetic wounds in our system:

  • Physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse
  • Birth, the way it happened, our parents’ financial, emotional, and physical state when it happened and up to 6 years of age.
  • How we were nourished as a baby (nursed or not, left to cry or not)
  • How we were nourished as a child and adolescent (listened, heard, supported or not)
  • Dysfunctional family dynamics and lack of communication
  • Family members with emotional disorders (depression, rage, mental health issues, etc.)
  • Moving to a different house or city
  • Divorce (you or your parents)
  • Loss of family members
  • Accidents, violent events and surgeries
  • Substance use and addiction
  • The political and the socio-economic structure of our environment (big events like 9/11, terrorist attacks, wars, coups, etc.)

The wounds take a toll on our life. They show up in our bodies as pain, tightness, dryness, numbness, loss of feeling and sensation. They also show up as repetitive thoughts, emotions, patterns, or situations you find yourself in over and over. Over time, your energetic wounds that you don’t tend to turn into physical ailments and chronic diseases and pain.

Essentially, here’s how the wound appears in our system:

  • In the body, the wound is where the energy doesn’t flow as it could.
  • In the mind, the wound is where the energy doesn’t flow as it could.
  • In the energy field, the wound is where the energy doesn’t flow as it could.

The wound lives and breathes with us unless we tend to it. Here’s what I know about how to release the very real electromagnetic charge of a wound:

  • Your energy field holds the records of the time. Anything that is not love, joy, or peace is recorded in your field as an energy disturbance. Sound Balancing with tuning forks locates these wound charges in your field, neutralizes them and adds the missing charge back into your chakras and body to be added to your life force. Chakra Bliss Healing with crystals restores the missing vortex speed and function of a chakra so that you can then utilize this added life force in the best potentially possible way.
  • Your body is an alert system for the present moment. All of your life’s electromagnetic information is stored in your fascia, in your bones, in your organs and cells. At any given moment, your body creates an experience based on your past programming in the present time. Sometimes these experiences are not pleasant, which is precisely when your body is alerting you of the presence of an energetic wound. It is also capable of releasing the memory of an experience through fascia-work (massage, fascia lubrication), somatic intelligence (deeply feeling and sensing into the body), tuning the frequency of the organs (with tuning forks and crystals, and visiting sacred sites), and rhythmic movement, voice toning and mantras (Mantra Dance).
  • Your mind carries your stories. It is your guiding mechanism for how you relate to a life experience. How you relate to a life experience changes how you perceive and react to current, past and future events. Changing your perception of a seemingly negative life event or circumstance has the potential to change your life. I am currently working on an 8-week online course to teach everything I know about changing and updating how you see your reality.

What I am finding more and more with myself and my clients is tending to only one side of a wound is not enough, you need to work with and on all three aspects of how it shows up: the body, the mind, and the field. We often think that when we change our mindsets and for instance forgive a past offender, all will be well. The electromagnetic charge of any life event still lives in the body and the field even when you update your story. Same is true for tending to the body or the field only. All three aspects of healing need to happen in harmony.

Here’s what you can do about your wounds:

  • Take some time right now to feel into your body and mind, what comes up in your system that feels like a disturbance, numbness, pain or dis-ease? What is repeating itself as thoughts, emotions, or life experiences? What is the wall that you keep hitting? All of these are clues about where the wound lives and how to release its charge. Listen in and take action, anything big or small you can do right now, to be with what is and to tend to your wound.
  • We have been working with daily mantras on how to change our stories and mindset at the Chakra Bliss Party Facebook Group. You can join the soulful group of women of this group for daily inquiries.
  • To work with me privately on your wounds, or to attend one of my workshops, please go to this link. All of my private offerings are available through Skype or phone.
With love and light,

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