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Work With Me

Here are my current group events in the Seacoast New England area. If you would like to host a healing or a workshop at your studio or home, please contact me.

  • Chakra Bliss Group Healing: A blissful healing experience with crystals, guided chakra meditations, and a sharing circle. $25; $20 for studio members.
    • October 15, Sunday, 6-7:30pm at Symmetry Yoga, sign up here
    • October 28, 2017, Saturday, 2-3:30pm at Roots to Wings Yoga & Healing, sign up here
    • January 27, 2017, Saturday, 2-3:30pm at Bending Bodhi Yoga, sign up here
  • Chakra Bliss Soul RetreatRestore your balance and bliss with a day just for yourself. A day retreat to connect you to your soul and other soul-centered women through Ayurveda, crystal healing, chanting, yoga and more. $100 early registration, $120 after November 1.
  • Yoga for Kindergarteners: Yoga for Kindergarteners is for all Kindergarteners who love to move and have fun! Through playful stories, they will dive into yoga poses, learn to deepen their breath and practice mindfulness and meditation, all in a way that is accessible to them. $55 for five class session, $14 Drop-in.
    • Sept 24 to Oct 22, Sundays 4 to 4:45pm at Wildcat Fitness, sign up here.
  • Replenish Your Well: A Sacred Site Ritual and Meditation at one of Earth’s known chakras: America’s Stonehenge. $40 (includes $12 admission fee).
  • Mantra Dance: Integrating all parts of you into your vibration. Becoming the mantra through dance, sensation, embodiment and exploration. Each dance is a unique journey of unfolding, clarifying and creation. $15.
    • TBD


A blissful crystal chakra energy healing with your chakra measurement, assessment, chakra balance recommendations and personal intuitive messages for each chakra.

One-on-one session over Skype or phone.

In person one-on-one or in-person partner session in Durham, NH. Or a group session for up to 10 people within a 40 mile radius of Durham, NH.

More information is here.

Please schedule your appointment at this link after your purchase.



One on one meetings for bliss and transformation. We focus on one area and create a plan to change your relationship with anything that is between you and a blissful life. With personalized chakra, crystal and mantra guidance, intuitively channeled messages, distance healing, and practices you can add to your life right away, you can embark on a journey of bliss.

Yoga studio owners, teachers, healers, I offer consults and recommendations on your social media presence, marketing and operations strategies, and financial sustainability planning.

In person one-on-one in Durham, NH, or anywhere via Skype.

More information is here.

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A revolutionary method that detects the disturbances in your energy field and corrects them with the help of the purifying tones of the tuning forks. With this Biofield Tuning method developed by Eileen Mckusick, it is possible to rebalance the source of your energetic wounds without the need to delve into them.

A trauma causes an energetic disturbance in your energy field, that carry its effects through your energy system right into your physical body. Through sound balancing, it is possible to detect and re-balance energetic wounds in your field that result in changes and release in your physical system.

The session lasts one hour and is either in person one-on-one in my home studio in Durham, NH, or anywhere over Skype.

More information is here.

Please schedule your appointment at this link after your purchase.

SINGLE SESSION $60 ($85 after September 30, 2017)

THREE SESSIONS $150 ($225 after September 30, 2017)

TEN SESSIONS $500 ($650 after September 30, 2017)


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