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YesThere is a super simple mantra that covers almost any challenge you might face: ‘Yes’.

‘Yes’ is a way to acknowledge life as it is. It is to say that you accept your partner, parent, child, pet, co-worker with everything they are. It is to say that this moment or this situation that you are in, is one that you are willing to pass through. These flow of passing thoughts, this body you have right now, these flaws, aches and pains are ok. It is to understand that saying ‘No’ will constrict you in a way that won’t allow life to pass through you.

So say,

  • Yes to life, because there is joy in acceptance
  • Yes to your body, because it is your temple
  • Yes to your thoughts, because they are of this universe
  • Yes to your challenges, whatever they may be, to salute them as your teachers
  • Yes to people around you, because you chose them and they chose you
  • Yes to your child and pets, and play as often as you can, because they absorb your energy, your joy
  • Yes to love, yes to love, yes to love. Please say yes to love. Love with all your heart, love all there is and all there ever will be. (Tweet that).

Say it and imagine it permeating your body, especially the parts that you feel are in need of the healing vibration of ‘Yes’.

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