Group Sound Balancing: Clearing your energy field with tuning forks. Through sound balancing, it is possible to detect and re-balance energetic wounds in your field that result in changes and release in your physical system. These are all audio sessions you can download and practice in the coziness and privacy of your home.

Obstacles to Self-Love – Online Biofield Tuning. Part 1 & 2 $40 PURCHASE HERE

Becoming Resilient – Online Biofield Tuning. $20 PURCHASE HERE

From Reaction To Inspired Action – Online Biofield Tuning. $20 PURCHASE HERE 

Deep Relaxation – Online Biofield Tuning. $20 PURCHASE HERE

Peaceful Parenting – Online Biofield Tuning. Part 1 & 2 $40 PURCHASE HERE

Releasing The News – Online Biofield Tuning. October 15, 8-9pm, $20 REGISTER HERE

Trusting The Process Of Life – Online Biofield Tuning. November 12, 8-9pm, $20 REGISTER HERE

Igniting Hope For The New Year – Online Biofield Tuning. December 17, 8-9pm, $20 REGISTER HERE

“That was AMAZING!!! The session was beautiful and felt much needed. I was skeptical, because I’ve never had a session without much talking, but I LOVED IT!! And I felt so much!“ M. E. O.

“Your Biofield Tuning session tonight yielded a couple of surprising “paradigm shift” insights into how I’m letting some troublesome issues in my life control me. A big hmmmm …! At first, I thought, since you weren’t talking, that nothing was happening, and then … a realization, an inspiration. Wholly on topic. Fascinating. Thank you for facilitating that!” P. B.

“Wow! Damla thanks for the powerful session. I wasn’t feeling much for most of the session except as we got towards the end like the last 15 minutes, I felt like I got hit by a freight train. I was so wiped out and shaky and I couldn’t think straight! I was inspired to make a task list and write down a vision and strategy for myself after which I had to go sit in a warm salt bath for 45 minutes before I felt steady again. Looking forward to the inspired creative flow 🧡🙏” G. S.

Chakra Bliss Group Healing: A blissful chakra healing experience with crystals, guided chakra meditations, and a sharing circle. This is an online healing over Zoom that you can join in the coziness of your home. You will receive connection details prior to the event. TBD. REGISTER HERE