Group Events

Group events give you the opportunity to experience energetic healing within the support of a circle and the guidance of a healer. I offer a variety of group workshops in the Seacoast New England area. Here’s a list of my current group events. If you would like to host a healing or a workshop at your studio or home, please contact me.



Follow the steps below to start your healing journey.


Find out your energetic wounds.

Make time to recognize and name your needs every single day.

Read my past blog posts and watch my videos to educate yourself on energetic wounds, to learn how to heal and for healing inspiration and support.

Join the tribe of Self-Healers and Healers for additional healing resources.

Follow me on Instagram for daily energetic inspiration.

Learn how to deepen your intuition.

Begin to work with energy healing in the privacy of your home.

Invest in healing your energetic wounds and reclaiming your light with my intuitive support.

Need more help? Schedule a 15-minute video chat with me to ask your questions about my healing work.