Crystal Healing Simplified This is an online course to quickly get you started to begin to heal and meditate with crystals, and help you cultivate a loving relationship with your crystals, yourself, your soul helpers, and the soul of life. It is a course that I wish I had access to when I first started to experiment with healing with crystals in 2012. My goal is to empower you to develop your own crystal healing practice as soon as possible. Meditating with crystals completely changed my life and opened up possibilities in me and for me that I didn’t know existed. I know that they will do the same for you and more.


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I wanted to share a way for you to get started on your crystal healing journey right away. Here’s why:

  • Crystals are extremely powerful tools for spiritual learning and transformation.
  • They offer an incredible opportunity for self-care and self-enrichment.
  • They help you to easily connect with your inner wisdom.
  • They open up and strengthen the pathways for getting in touch with your intuition in a deeper, regular and a more trustworthy way.
  • They are carriers and transmitters of knowledge.
  • They enhance and deepen the experience of meditation.
  • They open doors for you to heal your energetic wounds.
  • They assist you on your physical, emotional, and energetic healing journey.

I am passionate about meditating and healing with crystals because they helped me not only to heal myself after a traumatic birth experience (read my story here), but also working with crystals is how I got in touch with and strengthened my intuition. After discovering the extraordinary power and magic of working with crystals, I decided to share it and I created a crystal healing method called Chakra Bliss Healing. My experience of offering private and group crystal healing sessions and my personal practice of self-healing with crystals as well as my research, reading, and understanding on how and why crystals work is the basis for this online course. I am also passionate about self-healing. We don’t always have the time and resources to invest in private healing sessions. Even if you do, there is a need for daily self-care for your physical, emotional, and energetic well-being. Learning to self-heal with crystals will give you a powerful way to clear, expand, tend to, and reset your energetic system. This course will allow you to learn how to create intentional, magical, relaxing, and rejuvenating healing journeys within the privacy of your home. This course will show you:

  • how to begin your self-healing with crystals right away
  • how to choose, clear, and care for your crystals
  • exactly what crystals are and how they are able to heal you
  • ways to activate the healing powers of crystals
  • how to dive into the magical waters of crystals within the privacy of your home
  • how to keep yourself protected while self-healing
  • how to decide on where to place your crystals
  • multiple ways to engage and heal with crystals
  • what crystals can help you with and what they can’t do for you
  • how to become a crystal healer for yourself

After taking this course you will not need any other book, reference material, or crystal guide. Because my goal is to empower you and start to benefit from healing with crystals as soon as you can and in a fun, enjoyable, and easy way. No dogma, memorization, chart, geography knowledge needed. You will co-create your unique healing meditation experience by learning to intuitively choose and partner with your crystals. All that I am teaching is what I had to figure out on my own. I want you to skip the steps of not knowing where and how to start. I am excited to empower you to start your crystal healing journey right away and in the right way. This course is designed to make crystal healing practical, enjoyable, and accessible. All you need to start your own crystal self-healing meditation practice is packed into 7 modules of learning fun.

Here’s what Crystal Healing Simplified includes:

7 Video Modules (~6 hours) to teach you all that you need to know about crystal healing

7 Home-Play Exercises to make sure you get to experience what you learn

9 Guided Crystal Healing Meditations (3+ hours) to create a self-healing toolbox that you can use anywhere

9 Worksheets to enhance and deepen your learning

Here’s a unit by unit summary of what you will learn:

1 – Let’s Get Started (1h 10 min)

  • Why take this course and what to expect
  • The benefits of crystal healing meditation practice
  • Who would benefit the most from this course
  • What’s unique about this course (what you won’t find anywhere else)
  • What this course will and will not teach you
  • What crystal healing is really about

2 – Intuitively Choosing Your Crystals (45 min)

  • All you need to know to find and get your crystals
  • How to choose and place them intuitively
  • Guidance on how many, what type, size, and kind crystals you need
  • Anything else you need to start your crystal healing practice

3 – Preparing For Your Practice (30 min)

  • How to clear and care for your crystals
  • How to create a dedicated sacred healing space and time
  • Potent times to practice
  • How to invoke protection and set an intention for your crystal healing practice

4 – All About Crystals (1h 20 min)

  • What a mineral and crystal are
  • How crystals work and how crystal healing magic can be created
  • How crystals show up in nature, electronics, and in our bodies
  • What properties of crystals make them similar to us

5 – Crystal Healing And Meditation (1h)

  • Why should you heal and meditate with crystals
  • What can they help you with and what they can’t help with
  • How to partner and co-create with your crystals
  • Step by step crystal healing and meditation practice
  • What to expect during your crystal meditations and how to know that it is working for you
  • Tips to deepen your experience
  • Crystal healing myths
  • When to get help with your crystal healing

6 – Your Crystal Healing Meditations Explained (1h)

  • What the meditations in this course are all about
  • How to approach each meditation

7 – What’s Next (20 min)

  • Your options for turning your crystal healing meditations into a dedicated sacred spiritual practice
  • Importance of keeping it up
  • Classical 21, 40, and 100-day practices
  • Remembering what matters most about crystal healing

9 Crystal Healing Meditations (3+ hours total)

Intention Setting And Protection Journey Into Your Crystals Bath Bliss With Crystals Chakra Healing With Crystals DNA Activation With Crystals Clear And Receive With Crystals Expand Your Field With Crystals Intentional Healing With Crystals Activating Your Crystal Body and Crystal Connections

9 Deepening and Journaling Worksheets

Feeling The Energy Of A Crystal Worksheet Crystal Connection Worksheet My Crystal List Worksheet My Intention Worksheet My Healing Notes Worksheet Crystal Meditation Checklist 21, 40, and 100 Day Practice Worksheets


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