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What To Do When You Are Not OK

The main premise of my work as a Healer is to be ok with what is and help other people do the same. Yet I can easily tell you that it is close to impossible to be ok with what was, is and may be, all the time.

What then are we supposed to do when we are not ok with what is? When the pain, the struggle, the overwhelm is weighing us down. When to do’s, worries, uncertainties keep piling up on our shoulders and hearts. When it feels impossible to not replay the hurts and bruises we got in life over and over in our heads.

First, pause and remember that you are breathing. Your breath means that there’s hope for reclaiming your OK’ness.

Second, do what you can. Focus on the simple task of nourishing yourself that day, with an appreciated cup of tea, finding inspiration in art or writing, or perhaps a walk outdoors. Take action on what you can, in whatever way that you can.

Third, begin a dialog with your discomfort. Being OK with what is, was and what may be, begins with the simple step of asking your discomfort why it is here and what it needs you to let go, be, shift or become. You may get an answer or not. But the huge opportunity is for you to start a dialog with whatever is not working or not settling in your life.

Chances are it may not ever settle or go away. That would mean you’ll be with each other for a long time. While still striving to move towards balance and ease, you might as well get to know the not-OK-ness and make friends with it. Perhaps all that huge discomfort and uneasy feelings need are being heard and seen. Perhaps the dialog itself opens doors for you to discover hidden parts of yourself. Perhaps it lets you get in touch with the compassion you carry in your heart. Perhaps, this listening in and talking to all aspects of yourself and your life becomes one of the greatest joys of your life. In any case, I can tell you from experience, it is totally worth it.

With love and light,


Clearing Your Inner Space

The same way you clean your home, desk, your body, you need to clean your mind, thoughts and inner space regularly. You may not often realize how much of others’ thoughts and vibrations you pick up and live with. Similarly, there are thoughts and stories that you create and marinate yourself in, day in and day out.

The problem is when you begin to assume that these are true to you and take them on as yours even though they are not. They limit the positive, genuine, spacious vibrations you are meant to hold, and your body and mind are stuck in a constant loop of thinking and rethinking the same limiting beliefs and stories over and over.

In order to clear your inner space, you first need to get silent and listen in. Listen in to what comes up and what doesn’t feel good, easy, loving and life-affirming. Especially pay attention to the repetitive thoughts and stories. Ask all the rest to leave you and your mind. And do this as often as you can, preferably daily.

If the stories you tell yourself and the vibrations you picked up from others have been with you for a long time and it feels like they are resistant, book a 30 Minute Free Chakra Consult with me and let’s see what may be in the way of releasing them and begin to explore ways to let them go.

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