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Clearing Your Inner Space

The same way you clean your home, desk, your body, you need to clean your mind, thoughts and inner space regularly. You may not often realize how much of others’ thoughts and vibrations you pick up and live with. Similarly, there are thoughts and stories that you create and marinate yourself in, day in and day out.

The problem is when you begin to assume that these are true to you and take them on as yours even though they are not. They limit the positive, genuine, spacious vibrations you are meant to hold, and your body and mind are stuck in a constant loop of thinking and rethinking the same limiting beliefs and stories over and over.

In order to clear your inner space, you first need to get silent and listen in. Listen in to what comes up and what doesn’t feel good, easy, loving and life-affirming. Especially pay attention to the repetitive thoughts and stories. Ask all the rest to leave you and your mind. And do this as often as you can, preferably daily.

If the stories you tell yourself and the vibrations you picked up from others have been with you for a long time and it feels like they are resistant, book a 30 Minute Free Chakra Consult with me and let’s see what may be in the way of releasing them and begin to explore ways to let them go.

With love and light,

Leaning Into Softness

How often do you completely relax and enjoy yourself, and let yourself be guided by ease and love? More often than not we are in a holding pattern, even when we are doing enjoyable things. Instead of relaxing into the moment, we are holding, restricting, trying to control our experience.

What would it feel like for you to lean into softness instead? I invite you today to let your belly muscles soften, let your gaze relax, just be here with a complete surrender to whatever is here with you, for you, in and around you today. In that surrender, take deep breaths and follow your love, joy, bliss to lead you to what to do and how to go about your day.

Softness becomes an intention to come back to over and over. When you get lost, remind your body, gaze, voice to soften. Let your mind and your emotions follow along.

Wishing you wonderful holidays.

With love and light.

Healing Happens In Layers

As you go through your healing journey, often there is an expectation of arriving to a place of completion, one where there will be no need for healing or retrieving parts of yourself. You will magically come to a place of no pain, no burst of emotion, but an ever-cheerful state of feeling energized and whole. I can tell you as a Healer that that place doesn’t exist in the way you imagine.

Healing happens in layers. You begin by identifying the need to heal. Something doesn’t feel quite right. You don’t feel like life is flowing as it should. You also feel like you lost your sense of joy somewhere. Sometimes this comes up as a physical discomfort. Other times it is your relationships, your job or your hard-to-control emotions that bring things up to the surface. So you begin the journey of uncovering what’s underneath. What’s underneath this burst of anger? What’s underneath these migraines? What choices have led me to this point? How can I make myself and my life whole again?

You then figure out a way to be with what comes up to the surface. Sometimes this is learning to be with an emotion by caring for your body first. Sometimes it is changing your life style to accommodate a food sensitivity. Then things change and shift and you feel ok for a while. Until the stuff hits the fan again. Then you begin to wonder where all those hours of yoga, meditation, breathing, self-study, energy healing, and reflection went to in the first place.

I can tell you exactly where they went to: they were preparing you for your next phase of healing. The fact that you start your healing work doesn’t mean that you are done after a single phase of relief. Every step helps you uncover a new dimension, pattern, perspective or conditioning that needs to come out to the light to be healed.

You are a multi-dimensional light being who encompasses vibrating strings of probabilities in the quantum fibers of your being. This means that at any given moment, you are creating and re-creating your physical, emotional and multi-dimensional reality. It also means that healing, as it is with everything in your life, is not a linear process. It has ups, downs, twists, turns, jumps, leaps and falls. All for the main purpose of giving you a chance to experience life to the fullest, with everything in it.

When you come to me for a chakra tune-up, we will clear, expand, install new energies, and uncover what needs to be uncovered at that particular moment in time in your energy field. This doesn’t mean that you are done with all that needs to be done with your chakra work. It simply means that you are giving your energetic system a boost, a hand if you will, in the never-ending work of becoming whole. Sometimes this is all it takes to take you from that fall to rising up and feeling in tune with life. That said, there is no guarantee that you will never need a tune-up again. You most likely will need to work on becoming whole until the end of your lifetime. But what I can do is give you my support to shift your energy when you need it the most.

With love and light,


Reset and Renew

In the busyness of our lives, taking time to reset our nervous systems and renew our calmness reserves is becoming even more important. This doesn’t have to mean taking a long vacation. It may be taking 10 minutes out of your day for a sacred pause, or taking an afternoon off to spend doing what you love, or perhaps you can take a day off to just be and not do anything (like attending the daylong Chakra Bliss Soul Retreat, read more here).

These moments of non-doing matter. It matters to hold the intention to care for the life that you have. How else can you care for others if you aren’t willing to be gentle with yourself? How else can you be gentle without taking the load of ‘doing’ off your shoulders every once in a while?

Most of us are looking for clarity. Clarify for our life purpose, clarity for our relationships, clarity for next steps. Clarity doesn’t come in a moment of busyness and overdoing. Think of your past clarifying realizations, what were you doing when they arrived? Or were you simply being in a state of open presence so that creativity and new ideas, solutions, realizations could find a way into your system?

In the time that you carve out for reset and renewal, make sure to follow the thread of joy. What would be effortlessly joyful for you? Where or when do you feel most happy? What can you let go of thinking about or doing -just for a moment – to experience more joy?

In this -almost- holiday season, I wish you a huge dose of non-doing and joyful being.

With love and light,


Divine Intervention

Last Saturday evening, I had a huge migraine with a blinding aura and pain, which is usually a reset button for me. I can’t do, think, worry about what I usually do, think, worry about. My entire system shuts down and demands quiet, no-activity rest time.

The next day I had to shut down a Kindergarten yoga class that I started for my daughter and her classmates. We had five awesome classes but there weren’t enough kids signed up for the next session I had planned. Both my daughter and I grieved for it, she cried almost all day on Sunday as I quietly dealt with letting go of the beauty of sharing this side of my life with her and her friends.

Today we woke up in the middle of the night to our house being without power. I had to wake up at 4am, reassure my daughter that everything is going to be fine, figure out where the candles and matches were and ignite our stove’s fire to keep us warm. My daughter and I then went on to spend an entire day laughing, reading, playing, shopping for girly things and eating our favorite food (sushi, cookies, and chips). When we got home at night, the power was restored.

At some point, I found myself taking notes for another kids class, this time not just a cookie-cutter yoga one, but one filled with what I love to practice and teach, including crystal meditation and other tools to help young kids deal with the stress in their lives.

It feels as if the universe sometimes has to shut things down for us so that we can realize the beauty of what we have and who we are, and in that quietness, if we open up and let go, new light, electricity, ideas, and life rush in. When you look back, it all feels like a divine intervention.

What is your most recent shutting down story? Let me know.

With much love and light,

Caring For Your Energy Field

One of the questions I get often is ‘How often do I need to clear and tend to my energy field?’ The simple answer is it depends on you, the severity of your wounds and your life choices.

Getting your chakras cleared is like going through a juice cleanse. You will feel great afterward especially if you have never done one before. What matters after is how you keep up your health routine (or how you take care of your energy field). Do you go right back to eating heavy, fast food or do you consider changing your diet (your thoughts and how you deal with your emotions) to continue to feel better? Even if you don’t immediately manage to drastically change anything, wouldn’t your system handle the food (life) load better if you give it a chance to clear its passageways and let it absorb new nutrients?

The other piece of this is time. How long have you been living with a blocked field without giving your system a chance to renew its flow? If the wounds are long-standing from early childhood and you are new to caring for your energy field, you may need to do a series of professional cleaning sessions to get your system to a flowing state.

There’s a certain level of numbness in not caring for your field. You carry on with life not even realizing the amount of load you have been carrying. Once that load is relieved with a chakra healing whether it be crystal healing, working with tuning forks or any other chakra flow restoring modality, you will have a body-mind-soul experience of what it feels like to feel lighter, brighter and better. This is exactly what happens in my chakra healing sessions. People usually come in with a feeling of heaviness and life not flowing right. They leave with a renewed sense of lightness and resilience. I send my clients off with very practical messages and advice that sets them on a path of continuing chakra flow.

As you work on your field by yourself or with the help of an experienced healer, you will begin to notice when things aren’t flowing properly. You will begin to develop a sensitivity to your energetic clearing needs. Once you work through the bigger deeper chakra wounds, it becomes a question of what you need depending on where you are in your life. Through certain transitions, you may need more support. The truth is we all need an occasional deep clean to get things flowing again.

Ultimately chakra healing is all about replenishing your field’s resilience so that you can be more present and resourceful in the moment. It gives you the ability to not react but take inspired action. It opens you up to seeing possibilities in your life that you couldn’t notice before. It takes you to a magical place of oneness with your soul, where you can tap into your inner knowing for receiving answers to your most pressing questions.

One of the things to keep in mind is that if you have never done any chakra clearing work before, you are better off working with an experienced healer that you trust. Clearing your chakras will bring up old wounds and emotions. It is important to work with someone who is experienced in chakra healing to hold the space for you and walk you through the beautiful, amazing, extraordinary map of your chakras.

I can tell you from experience that investing in your energy field’s health is really worth it. The clearing and the lightness you gain aren’t only great for you but the results will carry over to your relationships, family, and community. Here are a few ways that you can work with me on your chakras:

  • If you are interested in finding out how your chakras are doing, you can meet with me for a 30 Minute FREE Chakra Consult over the phone. We will look into your most pressing chakra issue, the chakra wound it is tied to, and you will leave with a guided message on what your next steps are for your chakra health and flow. Schedule your Chakra Consult at this link.
  • Chakra Bliss Healing works with intuitively selected crystals and a guided visualization to clear and expand your chakra field. You will also receive an upload of any light codes your system needs at this time, as well as channeled messages for each chakra. Think of it as a general house cleaning. More information is at this link.
  • Sound Balancing digs deep into chakra wounds, smoothes out the disturbances and gives you a renewed perspective on how your childhood and timeline wounds may be affecting what is going on in your life right now. Each session is dedicated to one chakra issue. Think of it as doing Spring cleaning for a room in your house that really needs it. More information is at this link.

Looking forward to meeting you and your energy field soon.

With love and light,


Pomegranate Love

Two years ago, I found ceramic pomegranates in a store nestled at a tiny alley in an enchanting Greek Island called Symi. I absolutely fell in love with these ceramic creations. Last summer, while visiting Symi a second time, I had the crazy idea of making ceramic pomegranates myself.

Pomegranates represent the continuity of life, the potential and the abundance hidden from sight but bursting to be realized, the seeds of our thoughts and intensions and how they get actualized in multiple ways, how we hold the potential to be more than what we seem, how there are layers and gifts to our existence.

In the picture you see the first four pomegranates I hand-built with clay. Working with clay as a teacher is a whole other story and I still need to wait for them to dry, get into the kiln, get glazed and baked again. Right now though, I am simply feeling so happy and content.

Next time inspiration hits you, I urge you to listen to your crazy idea, your call to creativity, your chance to bring something to life. Maybe it won’t work out or maybe it will, and you will end up with a beautiful meal, garment, writing, song, or a piece of ceramic that you can quietly enjoy and savor.

With love and light,


The Sound of Joy

I would like to invite you to try out a simple practice. I call it ‘listening to the sound of joy’. Sometimes we put joy on a pedestal. Things have to be perfect for us to feel joy without any pain or struggle. It’s a lot simpler than that.

Close your eyes seated or lying down. In and around you, what do you hear? Breath by breath get super still and listen in and out with every fiber of your being. Notice what’s in, what’s out. Watch the shifts and layers in all that is in and around you. Inhale and exhale, and hear the music that your breath creates in you.

The joy is in that moment when you close your eyes and notice what it feels like being alive. There are shades and colors to our existence. There are sounds and distinct vibrations to it. And if you get really still and quiet, you can even begin to feel the song of your liver, your kidneys, your intestines, your heart. And if you open up your imagination, you can decipher how these songs and vibrations are speaking to you, communicating with you every moment of every single day. Isn’t that beautiful?

With love and light,


Seeing Things Differently

Let’s talk about the places where you feel stuck. Like not knowing how to get out of or make it work in a stagnant relationship, making difficult decisions, or making career choices and not seeing results. You then go into making or creating reasons and explanations about your situation. There’s a tendency in all of us to get stuck into a point of view or a story that we run in our heads. And the more you re-iterate it, the more it gets lodged into your consciousness and your way of being. Or you desperately try to dig your way out of the mud.

One way to shift your thought process is letting things be. Instead of explaining or threading through thick mud, let the mud be. Sit in the mud, have a conversation with your stuckness. While at it, invite it over to have coffee or tea with you. So that you can begin to get familiar with it and see it differently.

In that familiarity, you see that mud isn’t just mud. There are layers to it, nuances, cracks, fullness, emptiness, maybe a lot of yuckiness, and also some light in between the cracks. You become an expert at mud and the mud responds by opening up its rich moist life to you.

What is awaiting you in your mud, in your stuckness? What can you sense and see about it after having a conversation with it? Let me know.

With love and light,


Fear and Doubt

When we are in the grip of fear, doubt becomes an easy ally. In the face of the uncertainties of our lives, while we face all that we cannot control, change or grasp, fear is our first reaction. Doubt and worry revolve around our fear that all of our reality will be based on the potential possibilities of what we fear most coming to life.

Fear is a reminder about our vulnerability. There is nothing that can be guaranteed in life including life itself. And maintaining a safe, comfortable, pain-free life throughout your lifetime may not be possible for you and for the ones you love.

Worrying gives you a sense of control. By always expecting and fearing the worst, you feel prepared for what might come your way. Doubt tells you to only see the unfortunate possibilities. I have no problems with either one as healthy initial responses to what life throws at you, except that they limit your possibilities and the way you relate to them.

Another way of looking at life involves hope. Hope that you already have the resources, life tools, support and unique solutions for whatever life throws at you. This is available in your blood and in your field as evidenced by your ancestors’ tenacity, survival ability, and creativity. I don’t know about you, but I grew up hearing story upon story upon story about my grandparents and great-grandparents on how they managed to survive wars, famine, hunger, financial difficulties, loss of loved ones, sickness, adversity, corruption, immigration and so on.

Not everything you are dealing with can be resolved, eased or navigated through easily or quickly. However, you have the option to lean on hope and the belief that you can go through it thanks to the creativity and the resourcefulness passed down to you by your ancestors.

I am sharing a resilience story about my grandmother and her rose garden in this recent interview. What do you remember of your grandparents or other family members? What resilience stories have been passed down to you by your family? Please email me with your thoughts.

I am opening my blog to guest bloggers who will share their strategies for maintaining hope and inspiration about life. If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger and sharing your insights, or know someone who has something to say about this topic, please let me know.

I highly recommend that you listen to this interview with Junot Diaz from start to finish. Regardless of where you stand on the political aisle, there are important messages in it like men and vulnerability, the gifts of silence, and the lessons to gather from our ancestors.

With love and light,


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