Conversations With Healers is a podcast and video interview series that features intimate, soulful, cozy conversations with self-healers and healers. Healer to healer, we dive into all aspects of self-healing and healing, and being and becoming a healer.

A healer is someone who helps identify and shift vibrational patterns, holds space, helps people be ok with their past, present and future, and shares their unique gifts in their unique way to embody and channel love. I hope that these interviews will inspire your inner healer to shine.

Here are some topics you will get to hear about:

  • Best self-healing tips of healers
  • What it means to heal
  • Getting to know a variety of healing modalities and how they can help you
  • Unique challenges of being a healer and how to deal with them
  • How to grow and heal as a self-healer and healer

You can watch and listen to the previous interviews at this link.


If you are a self-healer or a healer and you would like to be featured as a guest, please fill out this application.

Photo Credit Eye Sugar Photography