Bringing Your Truth

There is a truth beyond the duality of our lives. Beyond right and wrong, true and false, good and bad is the truth: the wisdom and the infinite divinity of our souls.

Although at times it is hard to access it, this wisdom lives within you in your field of existence. You need to tap into this essence during:

  • Moments of feeling lost, by remembering your true essence is that of wisdom and love
  • Life’s tough decisions, by knowing you already have the highest vibrational answers that rest in your heart
  • Health, money, relationship issues, by reconnecting again and again with your knowing soul and remembering it is all a mirror to get to know the many aspects of yourself

Your truth (your soul) doesn’t always arrive where you are unless you consciously take the time to connect with it. Reminding yourself to bring it with you to wherever you are and wherever you go becomes an exercise in connecting with your soul’s wisdom and embodying your truth.

Just take a moment and close your eyes. Bring to mind whatever challenge you are facing right now. Can you sense how this challenge shows up in your body? Go ahead and call your soul’s wisdom in. Let it permeate your body until you feel completely embodied with your soul. And whenever you get lost, close your eyes and bring your soul back into your body until you are one with your truth.

With love and light,


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