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Embodying My Truth

There’s something that has been brewing in my body and psyche, and it is time to share it and embody my truth.

I am called to explore the inner landscape of my body in a new and exciting way.

I am called to leave behind the safe confines of a yoga mat, structured movement, safety cues, and robotic repetitions.

I am called to move my joints, muscles, and fascia in every direction that I can.

I am called to follow the music of my soul and be everything that I am, that we are.

I am called to reach beyond my seeming limitations to embody joy, love, light; pain, suffering, getting lost; and everything in between and beyond.

I am called to risk looking and being silly if it means exposing my soul fully.

I am called to dance.

I am called to chant.

I am called to Mantra Dance.

This is an open invitation. I am looking for light makers to dance with me.

Click here to meet your body and soul in a whole new way.

With love and light,


P.S. If you don’t live in the Seacoast NH area, please bear with me, I will reveal more opportunities to connect, embody and grow together in the months to come.

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