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My Crystal Story


My crystal story begins on my couch on a December night. It was a cold cold night and I needed some tv-candy as I call it (aka. mindless entertainment). And by that I mean I was browsing interviews on my favorite online subscription for new age stuff: Gaiam TV.

I came across an interview called ‘Healing with Gemstones’ with James Tyberonn. First of all, one minute into the interview, I remember sitting up straight to wake myself up. This was something I did not want to miss. James Tyberonn is a Geologist and an Engineer who worked with crystals his entire life. He was talking about his spiritual journey, which is really cool. But what amazed me was how he regarded crystals as living beings that hold consciousness.

This was my turning point. I decided to learn more about crystals. Next week, I went to a crystal shop and got myself ten new crystals. There was one issue: I didn’t know what to do with them! I started to research more about ways to use them. I came across an energy exercise where you slowly bring your hands towards each other and stop when you sense energy. Then you repeat the same thing with a crystal in your hand. I did this using a clear quartz crystal. I was shocked at how much more sensation I felt with the crystal compared to without!

I started to experiment with the crystals I have, laying them on my chakras and falling deep into meditation.

My next issue was not knowing which crystals to use. I still knew very little about their specific healing properties. Then it occurred to me to trust a better resource: my intuition. I started to use my Pendulum to decide on which crystals to use. The results were phenomenal! My meditations deepened. I was getting somewhere. I also found out how to use my Pendulum to measure if a chakra is blocked, depleted, overworking or healthy.

I decided to try what I learned on others. My first client was my mother-in-law, Zeynep (you can read her testimonial here.). While she was on the table, I intuitively added two guided meditations to get her into a relaxed state so that she could fully enjoy the benefits of the crystals. I also called upon her angels, guides, ancestors and ascended masters for healing help. Then I worked on her using some Reiki energy healing methods I know as a Reiki Master but mainly by letting my intuition guide my hands. She woke up telling me that she didn’t want to come out of it. There were tears on her eyes, she saw healing lights throughout the session and heard a beautiful music that I didn’t play.

My next few clients also reported seeing lights and feeling lighter at the end of the session. At that point I haven’t yet used these guided meditations in my own practice, so I decided to give it a go. I chose my crystals and followed the same process I now follow for my Chakra Bliss Healing clients.

Right after the guided meditations, I saw a bright green light and knew that I was visited by an angel. Even though I had called upon many healers, this Being told them to step aside and after getting my permission, worked on me extensively. My second chakra had been chronically blocked ever since my C-section. After this session, it measured as depleted, which meant there was some movement in it! Later I checked some reference materials and came across Angel Raphael who is said to emanate a healing green light.

This is the story of how my Chakra Bliss Healing sessions came to be. It was a natural intuitive progression for me. In the end I decided to give up my need to know everything and trust a source that is bigger than me to guide my hands and heal those who choose to work with me.

I continue to be amazed by crystals and the powerful healing they initiate, both in my own meditations and in my clients. I feel blessed to have found them and l look forward to exploring their gifts.

The strange thing is each time I do a Chakra Bliss Healing, it gets easier. I suppose that is the grace of the healers who are helping me.

If you would like to give the Chakra Bliss Healing sessions a try, visit my Chakra Bliss Healing page to schedule your session. I offer them in my home studio in Durham, NH and via Skype.

I hope to meet you soon 🙂

With love and light,


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